Student Friends of Venezuela, Free Education, Not Cuts & Privatisation!

Venezuela today is led by one of the most progressive governments in the world, putting people first and acting regionally and globally as a voice for peace and social justice.
In particular, under the Chávez-led government, education has been expanded dramatically, transforming the lives of millions. Free education – up to HE level – is a right, and Venezuela now has the 2nd highest % of students in university regionally, with progressive students recently organising a mass demonstration IN FAVOUR of government education policy.
However, these and other social changes are under threat from US imperialism and a right-wing oligarchy within the country.

Come to find out more about what we can do to offer our solidarity, including:
* Eye-witness accounts of a recent delegation to Venezuela
* Update on recent developments from a Venezuelan speaker, including on how Venezuela is developing free education for all.
* Organising activities on campuses in support of Venezuela including film showings of Oliver Stone’s South of the Border

Student Friends of Venezuela is the student section of VSC. For further info, or to confirm attendance, email [email protected]