Venezuela-based US activist Charlie Hardy to Speak in Oakland, California


Charlie Hardy, a US-born activist living in Venezuela, will be
speaking on Wednesday, Nov. 10, Noon to 2 p.m. in the City Council
chambers of the Oakland City Hall.

He will talk about the democratic revolutionary process that is now
unfolding in Venezuela, the recent elections, grassroots activism and
community organization in contemporary Venezuela, and the challenges
ahead in this dynamic South American country.

Charlie Hardy is a former Catholic priest from Wyoming who works with
the poor of the barrios of Caracas Venezuela .

He has been writing and speaking about the political and social
reality of Latin America for over 40 years. He has visited almost
every Central and South American country.

Charlie is the author of the book  “A Cowboy in Caracas: A North
American’s Memoir of Venezuela’s Democratic Revolution.”

Saul Landau described Charlie’s book as “an antidote to the poisonous
US government mantra against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.
Ironically, Cowboy isn’t about Chávez, but about the exciting
processes he has helped initiate and about the awakening of Venezuela
‘s poor whom the US media neglects.”

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See what says about his book:

No president today is more controversial than Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez
Frías. Elected in a landslide in 1998, he promised a peaceful
revolution. That peaceful dream became a nightmare when Chávez was
overthrown in a coup d’état in 2002. Surprisingly, he was brought back
to power by his supporters, mostly barrio dwellers, within 48 hours.
Although Chávez continues to be dogged by controversy, he stays in
power because of these supporters who see themselves as active
participants in a democratic revolution.

As a former Catholic priest who has lived in Venezuela for the past 25
and spent eight of those years in a cardboard-and-tin shack in one of
Caracas’ barrios, Charles Hardy is in a unique position to explain
what is taking place. Cowboy in Caracas: A North American’s Memoir of
Venezuela’s Democratic Revolution gives the reader insight into the
Venezuelan reality, using an anecdotal presentation drawn from the
writer’s personal experiences.

Oakland City Hall is located at:
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612
Between 14th and 15th Streets at Clay Street.

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