Challenging corporate globalisation: people’s power is changing the world


  Saturday – Sunday, October 16 – 17, 2010

NSW Teachers Federation building

23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills (near Central Station)

Featuring guest speakers from Latin America:

BOLIVIA: Alina Ganaviri Sullcani, leader of the National Federation of Indigenous-Peasant Women of Bolivia “Bartolina Sisa” and member of the Movement for Socialism and a candidate in the 2009 Plurinominales election.

EL SALVADOR: Dr Guillermo Mata Bennett, representative of the Lower House of the El Salvadoran Parliament. Former president of the Medical Association of El Salvador and vice-presidential candidate for the Farabundo Martí Liberation Front (FMLN) in the 2004 elections.

URUGUAY: Washington Belleti,former political prisoner and member of the National Liberation Movement TUPAMAROS (MLN-T), and Representative of the Movement for Land and against Poverty;Viviane Laffitte Borrelli, political economist and international development expert,and Andres Pelaez, First Secretary, Embassy of Uruguay in Australia.

COLOMBIA: Palmenio Poveda Salazar, Executive Committee member of the Colombian National Unitarian Federation of Agriculture Unions (FENSUAGRO).

CHILE: Jorge Gonzalez Castillo,President of the National Federation of Forestry Workers and central committee member of the Chilean Communist Party.

VENEZUELA: Nelson Davila, Ambassador to Australia for the BolivarianRepublic of Venezuela.

GUATEMALA: Dr Edgar Jimenez, Professor of Political Economy and Economic History, and former secretary of the Workers Union at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Co-founder of the Central America and Mexico Trade Union Federation, and committee member of the Autonomous Trade Union Federation (FASGUA) in Guatemala.

CUBA: Reinaldo Garcia Perera, Consul-General to Australia for the Republic of Cuba.

HONDURAS: Santiago Reyes, representative in Australian for the Honduras National Resistance Front.

Conference agenda below.

Organised by the Latin America Social Forum

All welcome. For more info’: Email: [email protected]Phone: 0425 324 621 or 0413 310 452.

Conference agenda*


9-9.30amWelcome to country and the conference 

9.30-11am PLENARY PANEL: Imperialism, war and resistance (Alina Ganaviri Sullcani, Reinaldo Garcia Perera, Santiago Reyes)


  1. Developments in Colombia(Palmenio Poveda)
  2. Defeating the coup in Honduras(Santiago Reyes)
  3. Indigenous people’s resistance in Latin America(Alina Ganaviri Sullcani, Edgar Jimenez)

2.30-4pm PLENARY PANEL: Workers’ rights and workers’ control (Jorge Gonzalez, Palmenio Poveda, Edgar Jimenez)


  1. The way forward for El Salvador(Guillermo Mata Bennett)
  2. Economics and development: Alternatives to neoliberalism (Viviane Laffitte, Edgar Jimenez)
  3. Campesino struggles for land and justice (Washington Belleti, Alina Ganaviri Sullcani, Palmenio Poveda)

6pm until lateLatin American food, drinks and live performers


9-11amPLENARY PANEL: Popular power and people’s governments (Nelson Davila, Washington Belleti, Guillermo Mata Bennett)

11.30am-1pm WORKSHOPS:

  1. Venezuela: strengthening the revolution after the national elections (Nelson Davila)
  2. Women fighting for justice (Viviane Larfitte, Alina Ganaviri Sullcani)
  3. Emerging left unity in Guatemala(Edgar Jimenez)

2-4pmPLENARY PANEL: Building solidarity with Latin America

* This program will include further speakers not yet listed. The times and topics may change: please contact the conference organisers to obtain a current detailed agenda.