Media War against Venezuela! The role and ethics of the Media in the 21st Century

Monopoly is the name of the capitalist game. Very few but powerful families have huge media monopolies around the world. They send messages across the world in seconds, in most spoken languages. They can sell Wars, Dictatorships, and lots of soap. Are they telling their truth or the truth of the economic interest in the thousands of commercials in between sitcoms and soap operas. Everyday headlines inject fear into the psyche of millions of viewers around the world. Who regulates the constant propaganda? is it effective? Are media outlets imposing a right wing agenda around the world? of course they are! One of their most fierce target is President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Headlines attack and discredit out of proportion anything to do with the political, social and economic model under construction in Venezuela. How to counter the 4th generation war against Venezuela?

Organizer Name: Edward Mercado
Organizer Email: [email protected]
First Sponsoring Organization Name: USVEN Bolivarian Exchange
Collaborating Organizations: Venezuelan Embassy in the United States, Venezuelan Consulate in Chicago, Uneco Films
Language(s): English
Language(s): Spanish
Tracks: Media Justice, Communications, & Culture