Public forum with ALEXIS ADARFIO from Venezuela

Alexis Adarfio works with the Ministry of Popular Economy in Venezuela. He is an experienced and respected trade unionist, and a well-known advocate of state intervention to convert major industries into worker-controlled, socialist industries.

Alexis is a member of the Worker Control Collective, a bloc of aluminium sector unionists. He was an active participant in the drafting of the “Socialist Guyana Plan” to transform Venezuela’s basic industries into less energy-intensive, worker-controlled enterprises directed towards meeting domestic needs rather than export.

Alexis is also an educator with Venezuela’s Moral y Luces (“Morality and Enlightenment”) program, which aims to raise consciousness and promote public discussion about the new socialist values that underpin the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela. He writes regularly on issues facing the revolution for Venezuela’s main news website, Aporrea. Visit:

(starting time to be confirmed. Phone 0423 741 734 for details)