Building Cross-Continental Grassroots Resistance to U.S. Militarization – United States Social Forum & the SOA Watch Encuentro in Venezuela

While the USSF is taking place in Detroit, anti-militarization activists and human rights defenders from across the Americas will be gathering to strategize in Venezuela at the SOA Watch Encuentro. The dates of the Encuentro were deliberately chosen to coincide with the USSF in order to connect the two historic events. The connection will strengthen the bond between grassroots peoples movements in the South and the North. We propose a 10-15min live video link from the Encuentro in Venezuela to the main plenary at Cobo Hall. The time would be used for a short presentation and a solidarity message by Latin American grassroots leaders to those gathered in Detroit and a message from the people gathered in Detroit to the Encuentro in Venezuela. In addition to the video link at the plenary, we also propose a joint workshop between the USSF and the Encuentro. The workshop will bring together participants in Detroit and in Venezuela to work together in a strategy session about people power resistance to U.S. militarization in the Americas. The workshop would utilize the collaborative democracy software that was developed by may first/pl. For more information about the SOA Watch Encuentro, visit
Short Description: 
Participants will be joined by activists in Latin America for a strategy session about resistance to US militarization.
Collaborating Organizations: 
Imagin Action – Latin America Solidarity Coalition (LASC) – Alliance for Global Justice –

Hendrik Voss

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