US Solidarity Organization Announces Speaker’s Tour with Venezuelan Activist

Witness for Peace Southwest, a US based Latin American and Caribbean solidarity organization, is hosting their annual October 2016 speaker’s tour with María Gabriela Pilar del Blanco (Gaby) of the Sex and Gender Diversity Revolutionary Alliance (ASGDRe). 
Over the last year, more US based solidarity activists, organizers, teachers, laborers, students and others have become more interested in Venezuela. People want to learn more about the country’s achievements and challenges.  What is Bolivarian socialism? Who was Hugo Chavez? What is happening on the ground? Are the opposition protests legitimate? Is the country facing food scarcity? Do Venezuelans really have universal health care and free public education?
The WFPSW upcoming fall speaker’s tour aims to respond to these questions and more while also building stronger solidarity ties between US and Venezuelan grassroots to address the impacts of US foreign policy and sanctions on this progressive Latin American country.  
Gaby, 33, is originally from the Afro-Venezuelan town of Higuerote, Miranda and a long time member of ASGDRe. She has participated in Latin American regional movements such as ALBA and is part of LGBTI focused communal farming and production initiatives. ASGDRe has done extensive work in Venezuela to socialize LGBTI issues and educate Venezuelan society about the history and spectrum of gender and sexuality movements across Latin America. Her collective works closely with a diverse array of movements including the campesino or farmer movement, feminists, students and Afro-Venezuelans as well.
Gaby will speak about her collective’s work, the organizing of other LGBTI organizations in Venezuela as well as how to build solidarity with the Bolivarian Process during these crucial times.
Please contact [email protected] or call 805.669.VIVA for more information about tour stops, scheduling a visit with your community, logistical support or making a donation. Events are available for scheduling for the month of October 1-29, 2016 in California, Arizona and New Mexico. Additional states may be added if time and resources permit.