FILM SHOWING: John Pilger’s ‘The War on Democracy’ With Discussion on Venezuela

Monday April 13, 7.00pm at the Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London, W1T 5DL.
This film showing – on the anniversary of when the Venezuelan people defeated the coup against Hugo Chavez – will be introduced by a Venezuelan speaker and a special international guest, who will also give an update on the current situation with regards to US intervention, the ‘economic war’ and right-wing, anti-democratic destabilisation.
John Pilger is supporting this event & says: “[The film] is about the struggle of people to free themselves from a modern form of slavery”. These people, he says, “describe a world not as American presidents like to see it as useful or expendable, they describe the power of courage and humanity among people with next to nothing. They reclaim noble words like democracy, freedom, liberation, justice, and in doing so they are defending the most basic human rights of all of us in a war being waged against all of us.”

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