Viva Venezuela: Fighting for Socialism Film Premiere

Premiere screening: Friday 25 October, 7pm. Free entry. 
Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way. London W1T 5DL
Nearest tube: Warren St
A new film by British filmmakers, released this month, shows the socialist movement in Venezuela as you’ve never seen it before, Shot on the streets and barrios of Caracas in the lead up to the 2012 presidential elections, before Chavez died of cancer, the film shows the energy of the mass movement that has pushed the country towards socialism over the last 15 years. 
In the October 2012 elections Venezuela faced a choice: whether to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, or to return to the neoliberal model represented by the opposition. A clear majority voted to fight for socialism with Chavez as their president, a process which continues under President Maduro.
In the lead up to those elections the Revolutionary Communist Group was on the streets of Caracas . We joined hundreds of thousands of people as they thronged the city, braving torrential rain or baking sun, to express their support and we filmed what we saw to make this powerful new documentary, Viva Venezuela – Fighting for Socialism.
Alongside the achievements of socialist Cuba, Venezuela illustrates that not only is another world possible, but that this world is being built today in Latin America. It shows what can be achieved when governments and people put human need before capitalist profits. Despite Chavez’s death in March 2013, the process is being taken forward every day by millions of Venezuelans, working to create a society built on collective, socialist organisation and production. In that conscious struggle the spirit of Hugo Chavez lives on.
As the film’s producer, Ithisham al-Huq comments, “The vast majority of press coverage of Venezuela is negative, or just focuses on Chavez or Maduro. With this film we wanted to go into barrios, universities and workplaces to meet the militants, students and workers who are changing their future and I think we achieved that. Anyone who is interested in what is happening in Latin America today should come along to one of the free film screenings to see a different perspective”.
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