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Notes from the Rearguard

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has recently begun issuing “Notes from the Rearguard,” a brief set of thoughts and reflections for the Venezuelan people to consider as he undergoes chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Published by Correo del Orinoco, Venezuelanalysis.com is pleased to share this translation with our readers.

Notes from the Rearguard


17 August 2011


Today I woke up studying. This is precisely one of the tasks of any revolutionary. To study, to study! Everything is still dark. Now they bring me coffee with milk in the early morning. This one (cup of coffee) and the other at 3:00pm are the two only coffees that I am drinking per day. How many things have changed in my life! The truth is I have begun a new life, driven by the great determination to continue being a living being. Live so as to be able, and be able so as to do/make – Make the Socialist Revolution!

At this moment I hold in my hands a compilation of writings of the wise socialist thinker Simon Rodriguez, titled Or We Invent or We Err. Let’s take a few citations from this work of the Caracas-born genius, one of those who inspire the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution:

“Spanish America asked for two revolutions at the same time – the public (political) and the economic…If the (Spanish) Americans want the political revolution, the weight of actions taken and the circumstances which have protected them to bring about well being, they must make an economic revolution that begins in the countryside, and from there pass on to the workshops/shops/mills.”

I take this opportunity to make a recommendation to all people: let’s study economics, so that we understand more and better the world in which we live, to propel with greater success the transition towards socialism in our country and so that they – that small group of phonies and manipulators – can not take advantage of anyone’s ignorance. They are nothing but the spokespeople of the stateless bourgeoisie that here (in Venezuela) will always serve as a fifth column of Yankee imperial’s lackeys, subordinated to its interests.

 Do you want an example? Well, no one should be surprised, but at the same exact time that a deafening and aggravating oligarch launched a media campaign intended to generate angst, uncertainty, and chaos as it relates to our international (financial) reserves, a former secretary of the Imperial State (U.S.) was writing on his account: 1) “The reserves belong to Venezuela and not to Chavez.” 2) “Only dictators and assassins worry about the freezing of their funds.” 3) “Chavez is planning to loot 29 billion dollars of Venezuela’s reserves.” 4) “Moving Venezuela’s reserves to China and Russia shows the fear of Chavez, threatenss the economy and harms the people.”

A perfect example! Has anyone ever seen a greater disgrace? The shameless conduct of the squalid counterrevolutionary who groveled about demanding the Venezuelan State renounce its sovereign obligations, looking to have us subordinate ourselves to imperial mandates.

None of this, of course, should come as a surprise to anyone. The Venezuelan bourgeoisie did all of this, and more, when they governed our country during almost all of the 20th century, handing over the riches of the nation. The difference is that we are now free, thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution, which is why Venezuela now manages its international (financial) reserves the way in which it sees fit. It suffices to say that just a decade ago our reserves were truly squalid – no political pun intended, believe me – and, in addition, were held by the mournfully famous International Monetary Fund. “Sidewalk things Sancho”…Speaking of this, regarding the subject of the great global economic crisis, I am now reading an article by Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on page 24 of the newspaper Vea: “The great recession of 2008 has become the recession of the North Atlantic…and it is Europe and the United States who march, together or separate, towards the unveiling of the great catastrophe.”

I say this from my command post, which for now is a rearguard. Thankfully the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela arrived in time!


I hold in my hands the most recent report on financing, by private banks, of the agricultural sector. They are not complying with the law! I have issued instructions to tighten screws in this respect. Later we’ll talk…The same is true for (private) credits to build housing…I am reminded at this moment of my countryman, the great spearman and Patriotic General Pedro Zaraza: “Or Zaraza is broken or the Bovera is finished” [Translator’s Note: This cultural reference used by Chavez suggest to private banks that they respect the laws on credit and finance, or they will suffer legal consequences.]


Now I am listening to a tremendous six on the right…Do you know which one? I’ll tell you: “Apure, I am your son.” No more, no less, than from the immortal throat of the giant Angel Custodio Loyola…Nothing else!

Plains, I promise you I’ll return…To continue living and loving you…Barinas, I am your son! Apure, I am your son! Homeland, I am your son!!

Independence and Socialist Homeland!

We will live and we will win!!

Translated by Venezuelanalysis.com