Resolution of Solidarity with Venezuela

The World Peace Council recently held a solidarity delegation in Venezuela on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.


The Second International Solidarity Mission with the Venezuelan people has brought 87 international delegates from 65 organizations in representation of 45 countries to Caracas, Venezuela as part of an initiative from the World Federation of Democratic Youths and the World Peace Council.

The progressive, anti-imperialist and peace-loving forces and organizations which are here salute the brave resistance of the Venezuelan people in defense of their solidarity, independence, and self-determination, which is threatened today by the permanent aggression and interventions in the internal affairs of the country.

These interventions in the political, economic, diplomatic, and even military spheres have been led by the United States of America and the European Union, and are a coordinated effort to assume control of the strategic resources of the nation, in particular the largest oil reserves in the world. These reserves represent a clear objective in the strategic reformulation of imperialist domination in the continent.

We categorically reject the ever increasing threat to peace in Venezuela and Latin America, which is expressed through the recurring declarations of the US government, which states that all options are on the table in relation to Venezuela, including the military option.

We denounce the US as the principal promoter of wars in the world and as the principal imperialist force which, together with its NATO allies, is today attempting to include Venezuela in an imperialist war which will only lead to suffering or its people.

We express our rejection to the different maneuvers which have been started in the region by the US and the European Union, which use instruments such as the Organization of American States and the self declared Lima Group with the objective of legitimizing intervention and destabilization in Venezuela.

We condemn the coercive unilateral measures which have been applied against Venezuela and which constitute a violation of International Law. These measures have the principal objectives of weakening and strangling the Venezuelan economy and with this, creating the favorable conditions to strengthen the false argument of a humanitarian crisis which may enable foreign military forces to enter the country.

The organizations of the youth, peace-loving forces, and solidarity groups of the world congratulate the struggle of the people in Venezuela, and salute their resistance. We also reiterate our own commitment to maintain our firm position defense of peace and in rejection of war in Venezuela.

We will continue marching united for a world of peace, solidarity, and social justice.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Venezuelanalysis editorial staff.