Opposing Imperial Aggression: A Democratic Front in Defense of National Sovereignty

The Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current examines the US-led coup attempts and what is to be done.


The United States, leading the hybrid war against Venezuela, has taken the first steps of what they imagine will be the final offensive against our country. They have been announcing actions to be taken, which we should understand, and we should organize and act against them. First of all, they have declared the escalation of the economic war with the seizure of US $7 billion, corresponding to Citgo, US subsidiary of PDVSA. They want to go all the way in asphyxiating our economy. The right-wing has celebrated each and every measure, both the attacks and the meagre handouts promised: $20 million, a tiny part of all that has been and has yet to be stolen.

Secondly, they have have gone to great lengths to diplomatically isolate the government, getting their allies on board the intervention bandwagon. The European Union, from its arrogant colonial position, will recognize Guaido as interim president within a few days. This will consolidate the bloc around the United States, its foreign policy and interests.

Thirdly, internally, they are looking to create institutional fractures, in particular within the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), relying on the effects of a threat of a direct war, alongside psychological and communicational warfare. To achieve their goal they need to break the FANB.

Faced with this situation we need to deploy our efforts in every battleground. On the political front, we need to bring forward a democratic front in defense of national sovereignty, comprised of all forces willing to confront the intentions of a servile right-wing that does not recognize any national interest, and those of imperialism which looks to dominate us in every aspect.

This necessary political unity needs to be open so that every force has a voice, can bring its ideas, as well as strengthen the correlation of forces. This will amount to concrete efforts in the territories, involving militias, youth and women groups, etc. In other words, it has to go beyond discourse.

The moment we are living through demands urgency: unity, unity and more unity. The time has come for political, civic-military unity, for the deployment of all the strength of Chavismo, of the patriotic Venezuelan people who are not willing to witness the right-wing hand over the country with a smile, as the United States prepare its next actions to dominate and asphyxiate us. The time is now.

Translated by Venezuelanalysis.com.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Venezuelanalysis editorial staff.