Podcast #5 Ear To The Ground – Venezuela Post Elections: What is to be Done?

Having secured electoral victory, President Maduro now faces a range of challenges. In this podcast, VA examines some of the priorities.


Despite lower than expected participation, the May 20 elections were a great success, conducted in perfect peace, order, and considered free, fair, and transparent by the international experts here to accompany them. However, all is not well in Venezuela.

Inflation continues to ravish Venezuelan wages, international sanctions and blockades are increasing, oil production is collapsing, and Venezuelans continue to emigrate in sizeable numbers. 

In this context, VA debates some of the main priorities for the new government of Nicolas Maduro in not only combatting these problems, but also advancing on the road which Chavez laid out and towards the construction of socialism.

In this podcast, VA staff writers Paul Dobson, Lucas Koerner, and Cira Pascual Marquina are joined by the newest member to the VA team, Ricardo Vaz.