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Venezuela and Russia Reach $14 Billion Oil and Gas Deal

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro with Rosneft president Sechin (Reuters)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro concluded an agreement with Russia's state-owned Rosneft that will see an additional $14 billion in investment in the South American country's oil and gas industry over the coming years. 

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Venezuelan Defence Minister: Drug Filled Plane not of Venezuelan Origin

Lopez described press reports surrounding the crash as "manipulative" (VTV)

The Minister confirmed that the cocaine-laden plane, which crashed off the coast of Colombia on Wednesday, originated from Central America and not Venezuela. 

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Venezuela Rejects Attacks against Cabello, Government Launches Campaign

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, vowed to back Cabello against what he labelled international right-wing attacks (Reuters)
The Venezuelan legislative branch of government and the Supreme Court have vehemently rejected reports that the US is probing National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello for alleged links to international drug trafficking.

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Venezuela and Palestine Sign New Round of Agreements

Maduro and al-Maliki in Miraflores Palace yesterday. (Credit: AVN)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a series of agreements with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki during an official meeting in Miraflores on Wednesday. 

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"Venezuela is Palestine's Most Important Ally," Says Palestinian FM

Palestine's Riyad al-Maliki with Delcy Rodriguez (AVN)

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki arrived in Caracas yesterday for bilateral talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Delcy Rodriguez.

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Maduro in Moscow for 70th Anniversary of V-Day: "Victory Belongs to the Soviet People"

President Maduro and First Combatant Celia Flores carry roses to the grave of the unknown soldier in tribute to the millions who

The Venezuelan President travelled to Russia last week to participate in the celebrations. He also granted an exclusive interview to Russia Today, revealing his views on the current geopolitical conjuncture and vowing to personally erradicate shortages in Venezuela over the next 3 months.

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Colombia's Santos Approves Extradition of Robert Serra's Alleged Assassin to Venezuela

The death of Serra, Venezuela's youngest ever legislator, sent shockwaves through Venezuelan society, provoking an outcry a

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos issued an executive order on Wednesday authorizing the extradition of the man whom Venezuelan authorities hold responsible for the assassination of young chavista parliamentarian Robert Serra and his partner Maria Herrera in October.

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Follow the Minerals: Why the US is Threatened by Venezuela's 'Blue Gold'

The US relies on coltan to build the basic circuitry in guidance control systems. (Archive)

The author argues that Venezuela's abundance of the highly strategic mineral cotane could be behind Obama's labeling of the South American nation an "unusual and extraordinary threat". 

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Venezuela Sends Humanitarian Mission to Nepal

Aid workers from around the world have arrived in Nepal to help with the relief effort since April 25th. (Getty Images/ BBC)

The Venezuelan government sent a technical humanitarian mission to Nepal on Friday to determine the country’s needs after the April 25th earthquake and resulting aftershocks, which left over 7500 dead.

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South Florida Man Accused of Laundering $100M for Colombian Paramilitaries via Venezuela

Contraband of Venezuelan regulated products to Colombia has financed the growth of vast paramilitary armies along the border, wh

A South Florida man was arrested by U.S. federal authorities yesterday and charged with using his Doral-based Bank of America accounts to launder over $100 million on behalf of Colombian drug cartels and paramilitaries.

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