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Sidor, Venalum Ink New Deals Under Joint China-Venezuela Fund

Cabello announced that two CVG subsidiaries have signed new deals under the Joint China-Venezuela Fund (Sidor Press)

Venezuela's Sidor and Venalum have signed new agreements under the Joint China-Venezuela Fund, according to minister for industry José David Cabello.

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Workers End 22 Day Strike at Venezuela's Sidor

Last night's announcement ends a strike that has lasted more than three weeks, and reportedly cost the company millions of

Employees of Venezuela's largest steel producer have returned to work, after a partial resolution to a long running pay dispute was reached between the company and workers yesterday.

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Strikes Continue at Venezuela's Sidor

Sidor is one of South America's largest steel producers, but output has struggled in recent years (El Carabobeño)

Labour strikes have resumed at Venezuela's largest steel producer, just days after workers and management seemingly reached a resolution to a long-standing pay dispute.

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Venezuelan Government Aims to Revamp Industry in Bolivar State

With the appointing of new management and more funding for state manufacturing enterprises, the Venezuelan government hopes to i

The Venezuelan government appointed new management and renewed investment in the state-owned conglomerate Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) and its subsidiaries, in efforts to raise production in Venezuela's industrial sector.

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Dismissal of Sidor President Denounced as “Contradiction” for Worker Control

Carlos D'Oliveira, SIDOR president, was dismissed on August 2 (

Organised workers at Venezuela's state-owned steel plant Sidor have spoken out against the Venezuelan government’s decision to dismiss the factory's president Carlos D’Oliveira earlier this month.

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Venezuelan Government Incorporates 1,723 Subcontracted Workers into Sidor, Nationalises Companies

Subcontracted Sidor workers greeted the announcement with jubilation (AVN)

A further 1,723 subcontracted workers are to be incorporated onto the state payroll in Venezuela´s nationalised steel plant Sidor, Venezuelan Vice-president Elias Jaua announced on Friday. He further confirmed that two other companies, Grafitos del Orinoco and Sidetur, will be nationalised by the end of the year. 

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An Initial Assessment of the Trade Union Elections at SIDOR

SIDOR workers, independently of which revolutionary candidates they prefer, are clearly revolutionary and opposed to any opposition current. Furthermore, the recent union vote shows a huge level of support for the nationalisation of the plant, which has been under state control since the heroic struggle in 2008.

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Venezuela & Revolutionary Vignettes. Part 1: Workers' Control vs Bureaucrats, Mafia and Multinationals in Bolivar

In the first of a series of articles, José Martín discusses and analyses the challenges facing the worker's control movement in the state of Bolivar. Having attended the national "Class Struggle" conference, Martín percieves an increasing polarisation between left and right, but most importantly "an open clash" between the revolutionary wing of the Bolivarian movement and reformists and bureaucrats.

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First National Meeting of Socialist Workers’ Councils Takes Place in Bolivar, Venezuela

First National Meeting of Workers for Workers’ Control (Prensa Sidor).

Over the weekend, mora than 900 workers’ council delegates from across Venezuela met at the SIDOR steel plant in Puerto Ordaz in order to advance the organisation of Socialist Workers’ Councils and analyse progress, strengths and weaknesses of worker control in Venezuela.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Frees Jailed Union Leader

Labor leader Ruben Gonzalez (CC)

On Thursday, the Venezuelan Supreme Court over-ruled a decision by a lower court to jail union leader Rubén González for seven years and six months for his role in a 2009 iron miners strike.

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