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Venezuela Led Region in Poverty Reduction in 2012, ECLAC Says

(Carlos Vera/ECLAC)

ECLAC’s new “Social Panorama of Latin America” report notes that Venezuela and Ecuador led the region in decreasing poverty in 2012.

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Venezuelan Government Outlines Social and Economic Advances in Annual Report

Venezuelan vice-president Nicolas Maduro and ministers of the national executive outside the national assembly yesterday (Prensa

The Venezuelan government has highlighted social and economic gains made over the previous year in an annual report of government performance. 

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Poverty and Progress: Comparing the US and Venezuela


What does it mean to be “Third World” in 2013?

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Census Figures Show Reduction in Poverty in Venezuela over Last Decade

Elías Eljuri, president of Venezuelan’s National Institute of Statistics (Informe21)

Representatives from Venezuela’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) officially revealed some of the most important conclusions from the 14th National Census of Population and Housing to the Venezuelan public this week.

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Venezuela among the Most Positive Countries, Gallup Says

Venezuelan children outside newly built government housing (archive)

A new survey by the Washington, DC-based public opinion pollster Gallup finds that Latin Americans are the most positive people in the world, and Venezuela is tied for second place among all countries measured.

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Why Chávez Was Re-elected


For most people who have heard or read about Hugo Chávez in the international media, his reelection on Sunday as president of Venezuela by a convincing margin might be puzzling.


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Why Do Venezuelan Women Vote for Chavez?

Venezuelan women are at the forefront of the Bolivarian revolution (archive)

If the the international press is to be believed, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela is a dictator, a menace to the region and is driving his country to the ground.  If that is so, why do his people vote for him in landslide numbers?  Why does he have an enormous following of the women of his country? 

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Venezuela’s New Social Missions Aimed at Reducing Poverty and Unemployment

President of the Venezuelan National Institute of Statistics (INE), Elías Eljuri (archive).

The “great social missions” created over the last six months could contribute to reducing the national rate of extreme poverty from 7 to 3.5 percent in the medium term.

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Chavez Gives Annual Speech to the Nation, Announces New Security Mission

President Chavez highlighted the government’s success in hugely reducing poverty in Venezuela throughout the last 12 years (ps

Thousands of Venezuelans gathered outside the country's National Assembly (AN) on Saturday to hear President Chavez give his annual speech to the nation. Each year the Venezuelan president is obliged to give an "annual report" to the legislative body accounting for the management of his government and detailing its setbacks and achievements throughout the past year.

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New Mission Sons and Daughters of Venezuela to Provide Savings and Benefits to Children

Chavez inaugurating the new mission yesterday (AVN)

Yesterday President Hugo Chavez used the still current enabling law to pass a law which creates the Great Mission Sons and Daughters of Venezuela.

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