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How to Fight the Fascist Offensive in Venezuela

Police vehicles torched in February (Archive)

What has to be done to put an end to the violent escalation in Venezuela? 

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USAID Subversion in Latin America Not Limited to Cuba

Woman using cellphone in Havana

The “ZunZuneo” project, which the Associated Press reports was “aimed at undermining Cuba's communist government,” was overseen by USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI). AP describes OTI as “a division that was created after the fall of the Soviet Union to promote U.S. interests in quickly changing political environments — without the usual red tape.” Its efforts to undermine the Cuban government are not unusual, however, considering the organization’s track record in other countries in the region.

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On Respect for Facts about Venezuela in the UK Guardian and Elsewhere

(Julian Simmonds)

It took a lot of prodding but I finally got the UK Guardian to correct an error in an article about Venezuela by Virginia Lopez. She had written that anti-government protesters were venting their rage at, among other things, “hyperinflation”.

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The “Cubanization” of U.S. Policy Towards Venezuela

(Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

Venezuelan opposition politicians and their allies in the U.S.frequently decry Cuba’s alleged influence on the Venezuelan government. Ironically however, there seems to be an important and growing nexus between the Venezuelan opposition and the anti-Cuba lobby in the U.S. 

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The Deceptive Use of the Phrase “Peaceful Protests” in Venezuela

One of several large opposition protests that took place in Mérida at the peak of the unrest in February. (Ewan Robertson/Venez

The term “peaceful protests” is misleading if not deceptive.

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Venezuelan Legislators Demand Machado Face Criminal Charges

Machado facing the AN on Tuesday (ANTV)

Venezuelan legislators have called for a criminal investigation into opposition National Assembly (AN) member Maria Corina Machado.

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Eight Ways Venezuela's Violent Opposition Is Hopelessly Hypocritical

A truck burnt by violent opposition sectors in Merida, 19 March (Tamara Pearson /

Of the many imaginative ways the opposition has proved itself hopelessly hypocritical, here are the top eight shameless contradictions. 

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Venezuela's Opposition Has Played into Nicolás Maduro's Hands

Maria Corina Machado, a leader of the hardline opposition, speaking to protesters in Caracas last month. (Fernando Llano/AP)

A year after Chávez's death, the opposition – by failing to reach out to the poor – has missed a golden opportunity to weaken his successor.

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Venezuela is not Ukraine

A demonstrator throws an incendiary device during clashes with Venezuelan National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) during a protest again

Venezuela's struggle is widely misrepresented in western media. This is a classic conflict between right and left, rich and poor.

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Federico Fuentes replies to Mike Gonzalez's 'Is Venezuela burning?'

Protests in April 2013. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

I have had a few people ask me what I think of the recent article by Mike Gonzalez "Is Venezuela burning", regarding events in Venezuela. Putting aside the fact he can't even get the name right of the oil minster (Rafael Ramirez, not Rodriguez), here are three things that are wrong with the article.

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