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New York Times

Urge NYT Public Editor to Investigate Biased Reporting on Venezuela & Honduras


The following petition, signed by over a dozen experts on Latin America and media including Noam Chomsky and Greg Grandin, was sent today to Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor for The New York Times. 

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The New York Times on Venezuela and Honduras: A Case of Journalistic Misconduct

(The Guardian)

As a careful examination of the language and coverage of nearly four years of New York Times articles reveals, concern for freedom and democracy in Latin America has not been an honest concern for the liberal media institution.

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Sins of Omission


The New York Times coverage of Hugo Chavez’ death was a bunker buster of misinformation.

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What if The New York Times Covered the United States Like Venezuela?

President Obama (White House)

The newspaper's reporting reinforces attitudes that Latin American politics can be little more than a primitive charade, starring authoritarian leaders and a hoodwinked public, punctuated by risible distractions. Thankfully—at least within the world of New York Times coverage—the “political theater of the absurd” isn’t “commonplace” here at home.

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The New York Times and Biased Reporting on Venezuela


Here Venezuelanalysis brings you two articles from the New York Times Examiner, and a letter from VA's Gregory Wilpert, outlining the biased coverage of the New York Times on the Venezuelan elections.


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New York Times’ Larry Rohter Rounds Venezuelan Coup Deaths up to “Barely a Dozen”

Chávez regularly doctors photographs to convince himself of popular mandate

In his recent review for The New York Times, Larry Rohter stages a valiant attempt to discredit the new Oliver Stone documentary “South of the Border”, which favorably portrays Latin American governments that enjoy considerable popular support. Among Rohter’s compelling evidence of the film’s “misinformation” is that Stone pronounces Hugo Chávez’ last name incorrectly.

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New York Times to Oliver Stone: It’s CHA-vez, Not sha-VEZ

Not only are there the numerous errors that Oliver Stone, Tariq Ali, and Mark Weisbrot point out in their letter to the New York Times, here are a few more problems that their letter did not go into.

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Filmmakers Respond to Attack from the New York Times' Larry Rohter

Larry Rohter attacks our film, “South of the Border,” for “mistakes, misstatements and missing details.”  But a close examination of the details reveals that the mistakes, misstatements, and missing details are his own, and that the film is factually accurate.

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Fighting Corruption or Persecuting Political Opponents in Venezuela? A Response to the New York Times

On April 3rd, the New York Times lent a hand to Venezuela’s elite, neo-liberal opposition by warping positive news about the government’s anti-corruption efforts into a profoundly biased diatribe about supposed political persecution.

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Will Venezuelan Destabilization Follow the Honduran Coup?

On January 17th, even before Barack Obama's inauguration, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Obama has the "same stench" of his predecessor as US president. He added that frayed ties with Washington were unlikely to improve despite the departure of Bush, the man he called the "devil." Now there's a new "devil" with his fingerprints all over the June 28th Honduran coup.

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