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Venezuela’s Maduro Laments Death of Leftist Colombian Writer Gabriel García Marquez

Nicolas Maduro (Archive)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has lamented the death of Colombian author and Nobel-prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away yesterday at 87 years of age.

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UNASUR Peace Talks Spark Internal Divides Within Venezuelan Opposition

Nicolás Maduro arriving at the Casa Amarilla in Caracas, where UNASUR hosted talks with the president and opposition leaders th

 Today in Caracas a group of eight ambassadors from member countries of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) met with Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro and leading politicians belonging to the opposition.

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ALBA Social Movements Express Solidarity with Venezuela

ALBA social movements concluded their conference in Caracas today. (AVN)

Thirty three social movements from across the hemisphere have expressed solidarity with the Venezuelan government.

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Venezuelan Human Rights Council Created

Maduro has officially created a council to investigate human rights violations. (Archive)

A council to investigate allegations of human rights abuses in recent disturbances has been created by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

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Human Rights Breached by Continued Protest Violence, Venezuelan Ombudswoman Says

Empty beds at major hospital in Mérida, where militant protest blockades have not allowed for free transit of patients. (Correo

Ongoing protests in Venezuela are undermining human rights, according to Ombudswoman Gabriela Ramírez, who believes media inaccuracy contributes to the prolongation of these infringements. Meanwhile in Washington, U.S. senator Marco Rubio presented Congress with a mistaken photo while petitioning for sanctions against Venezuela.

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Venezuela Slams US for Threatening Sanctions

The foreign ministry criticised the US for threatening sanctions (Zabdiel Gutiérrez/VTV)

 The Venezuelan government has condemned the United States for threatening to impose sanctions, and accused Washington of encouraging “extremist sectors”.

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UNASUR Urges Peace in Venezuela, US “Prepared” to Use Sanctions

The UNASUR delegation visited Venezuela this week to meet with the government, opposition and social movements. (AVN)

The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) called for an end to violence in Venezuela, after a delegation from the regional organisation held a two-day visit to the country. After the UNASUR delegation concluded its visit to Venezuela, the United States issued new threats against the Maduro government.

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Three Venezuelan Air Force Generals Arrested for Alleged Coup Plotting

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested. (prensa

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested, after they were denounced by lower-ranking officials for their involvement in alleged coup plans.

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Venezuelan Ombudswoman Accuses "NGOs" of “False” Reports

Ramirez has accused NGOs of "false" reports. (VTV)

Venezuelan ombudswoman Gabriela Ramírez has accused international organizations of misrepresenting human rights conditions in Venezuela.

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OAS Refuses to Hear Venezuelan Far Right Leader UPDATED

The OAS initially refused to hear Machado today in Washington, though there are reports she was later able to speak shortly. (Ar

The Organisation of American States (OAS) has voted not to hear Venezuelan far right legislator Maria Corina Machado discuss the situation in her country. However there are reports she was able to speak later in the session, but not on Venezuela as an agenda item.

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Venezuela Cuts Commercial Ties with Air Canada

Air Canada announced it would begin a suspension of operations this week (Reuters)

The Venezuelan government has declared it will sever all commercial ties with Air Canada, after the airline suspended operations in the country earlier this week.

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Venezuela's Maduro Proposes High Commission of Peace to U.S. as Tensions Rise

Nicolas Maduro calls for peace and respect as tension rises between U.S. and Venezuela (Reuters)

On Saturday Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced his plans to propose to the United States the creation of a high commission to promote peace and respect between the the two nations.  The proposal comes after a week of exchanges between the two countries’ diplomats. 

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Venezuela's Maduro Cancels Trip to Inauguration of Chile’s Michelle Bachelet

Chilean student awaits Maduro's arrival outside Venezuelan Embassy in Santiago. His shirt reads "The education in Chil

Days after a Chilean student was shot dead by protestors in Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro called off his trip to Chile. Two demonstrations had been awaiting his arrival in Santiago, each with a very different narrative regarding who’s to blame for Venezuela’s political violence.

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Venezuela Congratulates FMLN Victory in El Salvador

El Salvador's Salvador Sanchez Cerén met with Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro last July, in Nicaragua, while Cer

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ebulliently congratulated president-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador’s FMLN party, who yesterday was declared winner by just 6,000 votes after a tense electoral race. But his well-wishing may be premature.

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OAS Approves Message of Solidarity and Support of Venezuelan Government

The OAS' offices (archive)

The Organization of American States (OAS) has approved a statement expressing solidarity and support for the Venezuelan government in light of recent events.

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