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Venezuelan University Students

University Enrollment Rises 294 percent in Venezuela

Venezuela  ranks fifth in the world in the number of university students. This Monday 2,630,000 Venezuelan students resumed their studies in public or private universities. The total number of students at the highest level shows a striking 294 percent rise in the last 14 years, from 894,418 students in the year 2000.

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Opinion & Analysis

(Photo: Didi Ananda Sadhana) RPLA meeting in Centro Madre, San José de Barlovento.

Socialism: Practice or Principle First?

As socialist enterprises and workers cooperatives are dwindling in Venezuela, there is a new emphasis on the creation of Networks of Free and Associated Agricultural Producers (REPLA). In this article, the author offers critiques of the socialist enterprises and calls for localized production that emphasizes processing raw materials closest to where they originate. This perspective is offered based on organizing efforts with a REPLA in Barlovento, Venezuela.

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Why Venezuela Should Not Default
From Chávez's "Strike at the Helm" to Maduro's "Shake-up" in Venezuela
Briefcase Companies and Phantom Importers
Venezuela at a Tipping Point

Venezuela in images

The First International Film Festival in Caracas - On Friday, September 12, Venezuela's First International Film festival commenced in Caracas. The film festival features over 100 movies that are being screened in theaters, and cultural spaces throughout Caracas. The films are produced by directors, animators, and documentarians from across Latin America.

A PDVSA [state] truck transporting gasoline in Caracas (AVN)

Venezuelan Voices, Part II: An Inflammatory Question

As Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro combats corruption, reassigns half of ministry positions, launches “a new stage of the revolution,” and even hints at a minimum wage increase for November, the question remains what economic steps will be taken to reverse the high inflation that critics are quick to associate with his leadership.

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Economic Indicators

Chart graphic

This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here