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A woman holds a placard reminding people of Capriles' role in the coup in the lead up to presidential elections between Cap

Venezuela on April 11: The 2002 Coup to the 2015 Economic War

On the anniversary of the April 11th 2002 coup which temporarily ousted the Chavez government, teleSUR speaks to two Venezuelanalysis journalists and Venezuela-based activists, Z.C. Dutka and Rachael Boothroyd, about the relevance of the April 11-13, 2002 coup to the current situation in Venezuela.

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Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against Venezuela
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Fighting Words
Attempts to Malign Venezuela as “Homophobic State” Have Backfired

Venezuela in images

FILVEN 2015 Comes to a Close in Caracas - Venezuela´s annual International Book Festival (FILVEN) came to an end in Caracas over the weekend. Here, Venezuelanalysis brings readers a selection of photos from the ten day long festival.

An image made popular after Freddy Bernal’s comments about homosexual police last week. (Credit: ASGDRe)

Attempts to Malign Venezuela as “Homophobic State” Have Backfired's Z.C. Dutka unmasks the recent attempts to slander the Venezuelan government as "homophobic" which have been spearheaded by rightwing Venezuelan NGOs, the corporate press, and the U.S. State Department. Dutka counters these distortions and fabrications by giving voice to grassroots LGBTQ activists, who offer a dialectical accessment of the gains and ongoing challenges of the "sexual revolution" in Venezuela.

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Economic Indicators

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This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here