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Between Recall Referendum and Parliamentary Coup: What's going on in Venezuela?

Government supporters storm the National Assembly in the midst of an impeachment attempt against President Maduro (archives).

VA's Lucas Koerner responds to the Real News' questions on the status of the presidential recall referendum in Venezuela, and the opposition-held National Assembly's recent attempt to impeach the president.

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Venezuelan Opposition Unlikely To Secure Recall Referendum Before Year's End

The image of Venezuela as an oppressive failed state is really very far from what's happening on the ground reports Steve Ellner.

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Media Exaggerations of Apocalyptic Venezuela Plays into Regime Change Narrative


Gabriel Hetland & Rachael Boothroyd say that the crisis in Venezuela is real, but the international media descriptions of horror stories are far from representative of the real situation on the ground.

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Protesters Heckle Father of Leopoldo Lopez in Spain

Protesters in Asturias, Spain.

In this video, the father of jailed far-right Venezuelan politician Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza is met with dozens of Spanish protesters outside a closed event organized by the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) in Asturias, Spain. 


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New and Old Strategies for Ending the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

(Screen shot)


Prof. Steve Ellner discusses US intervention in Venezuela, the opposition's amnesty law, and their latest strategies for ousting the president.

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Opposition Landslide in Venezuela - Maduro Accepts Results

Paul Jay of the Real News Network.

Greg Wilpert and Alejandro Velasco talk with Real News host Paul Jay about the Dec 6th Parliamentary elections, by which Venezuela's opposition gained a majority in the National Assembly.

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Voices from the Street on the Eve of Venezuela's Legislative Elections

The opposition needs to win two thirds of the seats this Sunday in order to gain real power within the National Assembly. While the polls have been predicting that the opposition will win more votes than the PSUV, they also show that Chavismo is closing the gap on its rival fast. And with voters electing a representative for their particular legislative district, simply gaining more votes overall may not necessarily translate into more seats.

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Imaginary Lines - Venezuela-Colombia Border Crisis

In this week's program, host Michael Fox interviews independent journalist Z.C. Dutka from on what's behind President Nicolas Maduro's decision to close the border with Colombia and the international press uproar over the deportation of 1,000 Colombians. Also, the latest in the biased media campaign by Human Rights Watch against Ecuador, falsely claiming that environmental activists are being persecuted, and first-hand accounts by Colombians living in Venezuela.

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4 Things To Know About The U.S. & Venezuela

Francesca Fiorentini wonders how Venezuela poses a threat to the United States. (AJ+)

Coup attempts, sanctions, accusations – the U.S. and Venezuela just can't seem to get along. And tensions have only gotten worse since the U.S. recently declared Venezuela an “extraordinary threat.” So why are both sides so frustrated?

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Is Venezuela Really an "Extraordinary Threat"? U.S. Sanctions Top Officials as Tensions Grow

Miguel Tinker Salas (

Democracy Now! hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Miguel Tinker Salas, professor at Pomona College and author of the forthcoming book, "Venezuela: What Everyone Needs to Know."

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Why the CIA Won’t Give Up on Venezeula | Interview with Eva Golinger

Abby Martin of RT America show "Breaking the Set" with Eva Golinger, author of The Chavez Code. (RT America)

Abby Martin of Breaking the Set (RT America) speaks with author of the Chavez Code, Eva Golinger about the Western backed resistance groups in Venezuela and how there is a coup happening in real time.

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Imaginary Lines - The Media War on Venezuela

Imaginary Lines host Chris Spannos (TeleSUR English)

Venezuela has been in the eye of a constant media storm. That storm is intensifying as a new opposition coup plot was thwarted last week. Eva Golinger is an attorney and author of The Chavez Code. In this episode of TeleSUR English's original program Imaginary Lines, host Chris Spannos interviews Eva about the media war on Venezuela.

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Imitation and Copy: Venezuela Remembers Chile's Economic War

People line up to buy food at a supermarket in San Cristobal, about 410 miles (660 km) southwest of Caracas, Feb. 27, 2014. (Pho

This video, produced by Venezuelan broadcaster ViVe, was aired in 2013- following the death of Hugo Chavez, at a time when the private economic began to escalate destabilizing techniques against the Bolivarian government in the face of the opposition’s electoral defeat. The short documentary compares similar tactics employed by the Chilean right-wing in the 1970’s to undermine Salvador Allende’s democratic socialism.

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