Chávez the Radical XXVIII: ‘The Empire and the Oligarchy Will Never Accept Us’

In this episode of "Chávez the Radical," the Venezuelan leader reminds comrades and followers that the Venezuelan oligarchy and the US empire will never accept the Bolivarian Revolution.

The latest episode of Tatuy TV’s “Chávez the Radical” brings up an important Chávez speech from 2007. On the fifth anniversary of the 2002 coup d’Etat, the Venezuelan leader offered some necessary reflections about the path of the Bolivarian Revolution and the need to shatter certain illusions.

“You cannot serve two masters,” he said. It was not possible to please both the people and the bourgeoisie, there was a choice to be made. “The oligarchy and the empire will never accept us,” Chávez reminded everyone.

Fifteen years later, the lessons from this speech remain as relevant as ever, with non-stop US aggression and a reemerging illusion/mistake that it is possible to advance a popular agenda while safeguarding capitalist interests.