Chavismo Concentrated in Miraflores in Defense Against Coup Attempt

Venezuelanalysis was in the streets today as the events of another failed coup attempt unraveled.  Here we bring you images and voices of those who gathered in Miraflores in defense of their constitutional government and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Caracas, April 30, 2019 (venezuelanalysis.com) In the early hours of the morning, right-wing leader Leopoldo López and the self-proclaimed “Interim President” lead a small group of military members in an attempt to block the highway outside the Carlota military base located on the east side of Caracas, calling for a military insurrection.

Supporters of Chavismo quickly responded, concentrating outside the Miraflores Presidential Palace, prepared to defend the constitutional President Nicolás Maduro, democracy and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Videos produced with the collaboration and supporting images of Jávier Gómez.