More Sanctions on Venezuela: New Legislation and an Open ‘Confession’

Greg Wilpert talked to Mark Weisbrot about the latest US sanctions against Venezuela and their deadly impact.

In this two-part interview, Mark Weisbrot talked to Greg Wilpert on The Real News about US sanctions against Venezuela. Part one focuses on a bill proposed by Senators Marco Rubio (R) and Bob Menendez (D) that would put sanctions into law, recognize self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido, offer incentives for defectors and pledge US $400 million in humanitarian aid.

“They really are trying to strangle the economy and starve people into submission, and make their lives so miserable, and kill a lot of people, actually, too,” Weisbrot stressed.

Part two focuses on a “confession” by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that sanctions increase pain and suffering in Venezuela, and what Democrats and progressives could do to stop this.