International Peoples’ Assembly: Organizing Against Imperialism

VA teamed up with Tatuy TV during the International Peoples' Assembly to interview participants on the current aggression against Venezuela and how to fight back.

The International Peoples’ Assembly was held in Caracas from February 24 to 27, featuring 500 participants from 85 countries. The meeting took place at a time where US officials stressed that a military option was “on the table,” and represented an important demonstration of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuelanalysis teamed up with Tatuy TV to interview delegates on their views of the current situation and the role of solidarity.

Italian activist and journalist Geraldina Colotti called on the peoples of the global North not to leave Venezuela all alone.

Ramon Grosfoguel, Puerto Rican sociologist, emphasized the need for anti-imperialist movements to coordinate.

Jana Nakhal, from the Lebanese Communist Party, highlighted that the dignity of a continent was at stake.

Venezuelan popular movements were also present, with Wildeny Matos from El Maizal Commune talking about the peoples response against imperialism

Zwelohlanga Ndiki from the South African National Union of Metalworkers emphasized the need for the working class to organize against a renewed imperialist offensive.