(Video) Venezuelanalysis Delegation: Inside the Bolivarian Revolution

This short documentary explores the reflections and experiences of the 2017 Venezuelanalysis Delegation: Inside the Bolivarian Revolution and includes images filmed by delegation members.

Lara, Venezuela, September 13, 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – On September 20th, Venezuelanalaysis received their first official delegation, comprised of a diverse group activists and media professionals from the United States, Australia, Zimbabue and Belize. Delegates visited a series of different experiences, communities, organizations and movements throughout Venezuela, where they conversed with organizers, constituents, communards, farmers, feminists, sex and gender diversity activists, artists, youth, students, among others, in order to know and understand Bolivarian Revolution from the Inside.

After 10 days of experiencing with their own eyes, ears and hearts, the complex economic and political context of of this country and people, that is ever more distorted and silenced by the mass media and international powers, the delegation departed on August 30th for their communities with plans for action in favor of the peace and the sovereignty of Venezuela and the peoples of the world.

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Special thanks to delegation member Jonathan Chai-Chang Azterbaum for contributing the supporting footage from Caracas and Barlovento and the entire delegation audiovisual team for contributing to a living record of this experience.