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Castro: What They Want Is Venezuela's Oil

In his latest reflection, Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro referred to the outcomes of parliamentary elections in Venezuela. Today, the Bolivarian Revolution has the Executive Power, a large majority in the parliament and a party capable of mobilizing millions of combatants in favour of socialism, he also pointed out.

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Venezuela Votes

On September 26, Venezuelans again voted, the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign saying to elect members to the 165-seat National Assembly. It happens every five years, and it's the 16th national election or referendum since Chavez took office as president for first time on February 2, 1999.

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(UPDATED) Venezuelan Elections: Socialists Advance, Opposition Loses Ground Compared to 2000 Elections

President Chavez shows a colored map during a press conference on Monday (ABN)

In Venezuela’s National Assembly elections on Sunday, opponents of President Hugo Chavez won approximately 20 fewer seats than they held during the 2000-2005 legislative term, while the pro-Chavez camp grew by several seats, Deputy-Elect Roy Chaderton said on Monday.

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Election Day in Venezuela Peaceful and without Major Problems

Voter Lizette Esparza shows her purple pinky finger (Tamara Pearson)

After waking up early this morning to fireworks that marked the beginning of election day in Venezuela, an estimated 70% of the Venezuelan voters went to polling stations to choose their National Assembly representatives in what has been an orderly, tranquil, and safe democratic process.

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The Meaning of Today's Elections in Venezuela

In the context of Venezuela a right-wing victory in the parliamentary elections would be a big step in the same direction as Honduras. That is why all eyes across the world are on today's elections.

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Venezuela Secures Electoral System as Venezuelans to Vote on Course of Bolivarian Revolution

CNE workers and a national guard soldier setup a voting center (YVKE)

As the streets of Venezuela bustle with campaign-closing rallies, voters prepare to choose 165 National Assembly representatives in a nation-wide vote on Sunday that could either accelerate or put limits on the “Bolivarian Revolution” led by President Hugo Chavez.

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Jewish Representatives Meet with Venezuela's President Chávez

President Chavez and Rabbi Isaac Cohen (AVN)

Yesterday President Hugo Chavez and members of the Venezuelan government met with representatives of the country’s Jewish community, who raised some concerns and the possibility of re-establishing relations with Israel.

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The Elections in Venezuela – Defeat the Counter-Revolution and Fight for Socialism!

Nobody in their right mind believes that fundamental decisions are made by laws and parliaments. Ultimately, all the important decisions are taken on the streets, in the factories, in the villages and in the army barracks. But parliament can play a significant role as a rallying point – either for the forces of the Revolution or the counter-revolution. That is why the outcome of the September elections is so important for the future of the Revolution.

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Venezuelans Mourn Deaths of Three Socialist Leaders

 A poster honoring Governor Willian Lara (Aporrea)

The governor of Guárico state, Willian Lara, died in an automobile accident on Friday. As Venezuelans mourned his tragic and untimely death, it was announced that Guillermo García Ponce, who directed the pro-Chavez newspaper Diario Vea, and Luis Ceballos, Venezuelan representative in the Latin American Parliament, both passed away on Saturday. 

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Venezuelan President Visits Communes and Workers, Criticizes Bureaucracy

President Chavez visiting Villas de San Jose Bolivar Commune (MINCI)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez toured the states of Lara and Tachira last weekend, meeting with community activists and workers to strengthen local organization and promote productive socialist enterprises.

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