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Venezuela: Power workers fight against bureaucracy

A 14-month struggle by Venezuelan electrical workers for an industry-wide collective contract culminated with the resignation of the president of the state-owned electrcity company Corpoelec on October 22. The struggle is emblematic of a growing conflict within Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution.

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Venezuela: Disputes in Process of Delegate Nominations to PSUV Congress

A total of 70,501 socialist “patrols” (local branches of 20-30 members) participated in the process for nominating candidates over the past week for delegate elections for the First Extraordinary Congress of the PSUV, according to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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A slow coup in Venezuela

U.S. measures for resisting progressive changes in Latin America have included funding of rightwing opposition groups, military deployment throughout the region, and the Fourth Fleet for monitoring a continent. This year seven new bases have been announced for Colombia, one in Peru and two in Panama.

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New Venezuelan Electricity Ministry to Increase Production, Lower Consumption

Legislator Angel Rodriguez, the new minister for electricity (YKVE Mundial)

To increase national production and reduce national consumption of electricity, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez created a new Ministry for Electricity and ordered a team of ministers to organize a national educational campaign to save energy.

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Government Policies See Venezuelans Eating Well

Venezuelans consume 2,790 calories daily, slightly more than the 2,700 calories that the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the UN suggests is the daily requirement, according to National Nutrition Institute (INN) Director Marilyn Di Luca.

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Venezuela is no tyranny

As Latin Americans witness the return of dictatorship – with Honduras suffering political executions, widespread repression and condemnation from human rights organisations about curtailing of press freedoms – it seems a strange time for the media to repeat opposition allegations that Venezuela is becoming a tyranny.

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Venezuela Nationalises Hilton Hotel

The Venezuelan government nationalised the Hilton Suites and its assets, located on Margarita Island, a popular local and international tourist destination.

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Venezuelan Poll: Chavez Enjoys 62.4% Approval Rating

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez enjoys an approval rating of 62.4% according to the results of the latest survey carried out by the Venezuelan Institute of Data Analysis (IVAD).

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Venezuela: Revolution Stalled

The election of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela gave hope to millions who want a better world. Mike Gonzalez looks at what has been achieved and where the country is heading.

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Venezuela’s Chavez: Opposition Student Protests Defend Impunity and Corruption

Opposition student protest Saturday October 3 (Aporrea)
During his weekly television show "Hello President" on Sunday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez criticised protests by right-wing opposition student groups over alleged political persecution in Venezuela as "defending impunity and corruption."

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