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Opposition March on May Day, Ends in Violence

Opposition march on Mayday lacked participation of working class and ended in vi

The Venezuelan opposition's march to demand the removal of the national government was the focus of international media coverage this May Day. Nonetheless, the demonstration was marked by poor turn-out from working class sectors and marred by acts of violence. 

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Venezuela's Maduro Announces 50% Salary Increase for Teachers

Venezuela's teachers will receive a 50% salary raise effective June 1 (VTV)

The Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro approved a 50% salary increase for the country's 713,231 teachers on Tuesday, following several months of negotiations with the Venezuelan Teachers' Federation (FMV) and other unions.

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Maduro: Venezuelan Minimum Wage to Increase a Further 10%

President Nicolas MAduro announced the increase on Saturday (agencies)

Venezuela’s minimum wage will rise by a further 10% in November as part of a “defence of the salary” against inflation, announced President Nicolas Maduro over the weekend.

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Venezuela Implements Second Minimum Wage Increase of 2013

Venezuela’s second minimum wage increase of the year came into effect today  (Ernesto Morgado / Archive)

Venezuela’s second minimum wage increase of the year came into effect today, provoking renewed focus on inflation and the state of the economy.

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What’s Behind the Venezuelan University Strikes?

An ULA protest in the centre of Merida two weeks ago. The banner at the front makes fun of President Maduro's lack of a uni

In this series of short interviews by Merida based community television station, TatuyTv, university teachers and students argue that the university strikes aren’t trying to fight for worker rights, but rather are part of the opposition’s destabilisation plan.

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Venezuelan University Workers Receive Salary Increase, Protests Continue

The agreement, announced by Minister for University Education Pedro Calzadilla, will see 25% salary increases for Sept. 1 and Ja

The Venezuelan government and university representatives have agreed to salary and benefit increases for university employees in three increments, Minister for University Education Pedro Calzadilla announced on Friday night. 

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Venezuela’s Chavez Announces Wage Increase for Doctors, Maintains Executive Cabinet

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during his Council of Ministers meeting of 7 July 2011 (TeleSur)

Speaking on national television from the Miraflores Presidential Palace, Chavez said that his cabinet had decided on the 30% wage increase for public sector doctors after having reviewed a number of wage increase proposals presented by different medical associations. Chavez said that he had chosen between “exaggerated” proposals and others that were “more rational.”

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Venezuelan President Increases University and Public Sector Wages by over 40%

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez speaking to workers on 26 April 2011 (Agencies)

Following Monday’s decision to raise the country’s minimum wage by 26.5%, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez this week also announced increases of 40% and 45% for university-based and public administration workers, respectively. 

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Venezuela’s Public Sector Physicians to Receive Pay Increases

Wage increases designed to equalize incomes in the public health sector were approved yesterday for Venezuelan doctors working in the country’s Ministry of Health.

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