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Opposition March on May Day, Ends in Violence

Opposition march on Mayday lacked participation of working class and ended in vi

The Venezuelan opposition's march to demand the removal of the national government was the focus of international media coverage this May Day. Nonetheless, the demonstration was marked by poor turn-out from working class sectors and marred by acts of violence. 

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Media Myth Buster: "Government Repressión" of "Peaceful Protesters" in Venezuela

Media Myth Buster: "Government Repressión" of "Peaceful Protesters" in Venezuela

While mass media continually repeats comments about "government repression" of  supposedly "peaceful protesters" in Venezuela, there is a quite different reality to be seen from on the ground.  Watch this video to see just a few examples of the "peaceful protests" in Venezuela.

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From Violent Barricades in 2014 to Official Right-Wing: Venezuela's Opposition

The effects of the barricades in 2014 (Aporrea).

From the 2014 violence to legislative majority, Venezuela's right-wing may change its face, but not its goal.

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Thousands March to Commemorate Anniversary of Venezuelan Legislator's Assassination

The march took place in Caracas' center, on October 1st, 2015. (Lucas Koerner)

Thousands took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital on Thursday, braving severe heat and humidity to commemorate the life of the slain 27 year-old socialist parliamentarian Robert Serra on the one year anniversary of his assassination.

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Maduro to "Remove Criminals" from State Housing after Deadly Shootout

Maduro stated that those found to be involved in illegal activities would be removed from the state housing complexes, after 9 m

The Venezuelan head of state responded to a shoot-out at a government housing complex on Sunday by confirming that all “criminals” would be removed from government provided houses. The incident was described as a “massacre” by the national press, and led to the deaths of 9 people.

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2014 Crime Rate Drops In Venezuela

Minister of Interior Miguel Rodriguez Torres gave an interview to daily El Universal (EFE)

The homicide rate has decreased by 18 percent and kidnappings by 60 percent compared to 2013, according to the interior minister.

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Housing Movement Condemns Police Corruption within Venezuela’s Barrios

“We firmly support the efforts of the revolutionary government to ensure peace and coexistence, but we believe that the action

Representatives of the Housing Movement, communal councils, and various social movements gathered in downtown Caracas on Sunday to denounce police corruption and abuse within the city’s barrios.

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Civilians Support Venezuelan National Guard amid Media False Claims

GNB march

On the weekend civilians marched with National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) soldiers, and today the government declared part of Caracas “free” from violent protests. The march came as private media heightened its false statements about GNB actions.

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Debate: Gun Control Reform in Venezuela


As part of the debate on gun control in Venezuela, Hanson looks at the impact of Venezuela's gun reform on police, right to self defense, and the arms market.

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Perpetrators of Violence against Venezuelan Opposition Students Unclear [updated]

Part of the events last night in Chacao (AFP/El Universal)

According to Venezuelan press, at least seven students were injured last night in Las Castellana plaza, Chacao, Caracas, allegedly by government supporters.

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