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U.S. intervention

US Intervention in Venezuela "Could be Inevitable," Says Opposition Politician

Former Chacao mayor Ramon Muchacho speaks to CNN on August 14. The lower third reads, “Muchacho: the military alternative coul

A prominent Venezuelan opposition politician has warned US military action to topple the Maduro administration is now almost guaranteed.

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Trump Versus the Venezuelan Revolution

Anti-imperialist march in Caracas on August 14. (AVN)

International leftists must support Venezuelan revolutionaries' efforts to radicalize the Bolivarian process via the National Constituent Assembly, argues Shamus Cooke. 

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Venezuela Brings Forward Regional Elections as Pence Vows More Intervention

US Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Colombia. (AP)

Washington threatened further actions against Venezuela Tuesday as the country’s National Constituent Assembly brought forward gubernatorial elections to October. 

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Trump Is Not the Venezuelan Supreme Court

US President Donald Trump. (Reuters/Dominick Reuter)

Imperial delusions about Venezuela keep getting worse. 

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In Defense of Venezuela

Hundreds of thousands of Chavistas take part in the close of the campaign for National Constituent Assembly elections in Caracas

Renowned Portuguese intellectual Boaventura Sousa Santos calls on world powers to respect Venezuela's right to solve its current crisis democratically via a National Constituent Assembly. 

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Right-Wing Terrorism in Venezuela

Fifty-four public buses were torched in Ciudad Guyana on May 22. (@TransBolivar)

Washington has given the green light to opposition political violence aimed at regime change "without delay" in Venezuela. 

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Venezuela: a Threat to US Energy Hegemony?


Raul Burbano argues the US ‘concern’ over Venezuela is all about oil, not democracy.

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US National Security Advisor: Quick, Peaceful Solution Needed in Venezuela

US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster met with opposition leader Julio Borges last Saturday. (NPR)

The US official released the statement after meeting with opposition leader Julio Borges in Washington. 


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Bipartisan US Senate Bill Pushes Tougher Sanctions against Venezuela

The bill will be filed before the US Senate. (HRF)

A bi-partisan bill leaked to press calls on the US government to sanction more Venezuelan government officials, as well as work to isolate the South American country in the Caribbean region. 


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International Community Responds to Venezuela Protests as Gov’t Calls for Dialogue

Maduro said the opposition had responded to his call for dialogue on Thursday. (@PresidencialVen)

Countries across the globe responded to Venezuela’s mass pro and anti-government marches Wednesday that left one National Guard sergeant dead and dozens wounded in the latest round of opposition violence.

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