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Unions March in Venezuela over Labor Rights

Unete labor activists march in Caracas (archive)

Union representatives from the labor organization Unete marched through the streets of Caracas on Wednesday to demand a resolution to various labor conflicts in public and private companies.

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Interview: Stalin Perez Borges: “A Referendum is Necessary so the Working People Can Approve the New Labour Law”

We conducted this interview in order to convey the opinion of Stalin Perez Borges, national coordinator of Marea Socialista [Socialist Tide] in relation to the creation of the new labour law and unity within the union movement.

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Venezuela’s Minimum Wage to Increase 26.5% in 2011

President Chavez explaining the wage increases last night (Prensa Miraflores)

As is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s custom in the lead up to May Day (May 1st), yesterday he announced a national decree that increases the minimum wage by 26.5%.

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Venezuelan Workers March Again to Demand Socialism at the Workplace

Venezuela’s National Workers’ Union (UNETE) took to the streets again to reiterate their “critical support” for the Chá

Thousands of Venezuelan workers took to the streets of Caracas on Thursday to demand immediate improvements in workplace democracy and to insist on the final passage of a radical new labor law that has been held up in the National Assembly since 2003. 

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Coca-Cola Workers on Strike in Carabobo, Venezuela

Striking Venezuelan workers outside the Coca-Cola Femsa plant (Orlando Nader).

Yesterday was the fourth day of a strike in a bottling and distribution plant of Coca-Cola Femsa in Carabobo state. Workers are demanding a fair collective agreement, pay rises, food tickets, and a dining room.

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Venezuelan Workers March for More Participation and More Rights

UNETE’s National March in Caracas Brought Thousands of People to the Streets, Including these Young People with Banners that R

Thousands of Venezuelan workers took to the streets of Caracas on Tuesday, November 9th, demanding greater participation in their country’s nascent socialist economy.

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Workers protest outside the National Assembly

The delegation of Alcasa protestors.

Two workers' protests coincided yesterday outside the National Assembly, one by the UNETE (National Workers' Union) calling for the new workers' law to be discussed and passed, and another by workers from ALCASA, the national aluminium factory.

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Venezuelan Unions March to Control Companies, Throw Out “Reformist” State Management

A recent worker control conference in Anzoategui state (UNETE)

Worker unions from a range of state-owned and private companies in Venezuela plan to march on November 9th in favor of a new labor law, the resolution of collective union contracts, and the empowerment of worker unions in the management of their companies.

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Two Day Worker Summit Expresses Content and Discontent

The Venezuelan labor union confederation, the National Union of Workers (UNETE), organized a two-day meeting in Caracas on radical workplace organization last week in the run up to the National Assembly elections.

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Venezuelan National Workers Union Calls for Greater Worker Control

Steel worker giving worker control workshop at Sidor factory (Prensa Sidor)
Venezuela’s principal union federation, the National Union of Workers (UNETE), recently circulated a document calling for broader nationalizations, a revolutionary labor law, and a radical shift toward a democratic, worker-led management model to stave off state bureaucracy.

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