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Venezuela Launches New Public Security Plan to Reduce Violent Crime

President Maduro unveils his new security initiative on national television. (Twitter/Despacho presidencia)

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro unveiled a new anti-crime strategy aimed at “combatting insecurity” this week.  

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Venezuela Turns Guns Into Homes for the Poor

Thousands of firearms were destroyed by authorities in Caracas Wednesday. (Photo: MPPRIJP)

Venezuelan authorities said Wednesday they had melted down 17,000 firearms, and would use the scrap metal as material in public housing units.

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Venezuelan Authorities Link Crashed Plane Carrying Drugs to Mexican Government

The Cessna Conquest 441 XB-KGS crashed in the Venezuelan state Cojedes last Thursday. (

A wrecked plane, discovered on 2 April in a Western region of Venezuela, was carrying nearly a ton of cocaine and was registered with the official fleet of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

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For the Barrios, the Difference Between Repression and Revolution Depends on National Security

The National Guard and police presence is on the rise as checkpoints and operatives are set up along public transportation route

Early last month, five men were shot dead in a high-rise building at the center of Caracas during an early morning standoff between special intelligence police (CICPC) and armed members of revolutionary collectives. While the circumstances leading up to the event are still unclear, the so-called Quinta Crespo Massacre created a ripple effect within the Venezuelan left that quickly highlighted a growing rift between the revolutionary left and the Bolivarian government.

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Leader of Pro-Government Collective Dies, Four Others Killed in Police Standoff

Jose Odreman, left, with slain legislator Robert Serra, in an image posted by Odreman on Twitter. (Photo: Twitter)

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, an eight hour standoff took place in a Caracas building between the special investigative police body (CICPC) and a pro-government armed collective known as The Revolution’s Shield, of which five members were fatally shot.

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Violent Student Protests Mark New Phase of “Radical” Venezuelan Opposition Activity

Students from the ULA in Mérida city have closed off the main road outside of the political science faculty for the past few da

Violent opposition student protests have taken place in several Venezuelan cities in recent days.

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Maduro Attacks “Media Show” over Monica Spear Murder in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro has struck out at media coverage of ex-Miss Venezuela Monica Spear’s murder as a “show” to make money and “demoralise” the South American country. Other recent notable murders meanwhile have not received mainstream media coverage.

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Maduro Announces Major Cabinet Reshuffle to “Renew” Venezuelan Government

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro appointed several new ministers to his cabinet in a bid to “renovate” his government (Pr

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has appointed several new ministers to his cabinet in a bid to “renovate” his government.

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Maduro Hands Venezuela's States 10.7 Million Bolivars to Improve Security

Maduro announced he would consult with mayors and governors to develop a national plan to tackle violent crime (Prensa Presidenc

The Venezuelan government has pledged to improve domestic security by improving police conditions and establishing a new institution to provide aid to victims of crime.

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30,000 More Security Cameras and 17,000 Less Guns on Venezuelan Streets

Over 17,000 firearms were destroyed in Lara state on Tuesday (VTV)

30,000 security cameras will be installed across Venezuela under a scheme inaugurated by President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday, amid ongoing efforts to tackle street crime.

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