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OAS Court "Exceeds Its Jurisdiction" in Venezuela RCTV Case, Analysts Say

RCTV logo (wikipedia commons)

The Inter-American Human Rights Court, which forms part of the Organization of American States (OAS) human rights system in the hemisphere, published Monday its sentence that found that Venezuela had “violated freedom of expression” when it decided not to renew the over-the-air broadcast license of RCTV in 2007.

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Private Venezuelan TV Channel RCTV Agrees to Register with CONATEL

Venezuelan privately owned cable television channel RCTV has agreed to register “under protest” with the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) as a national producer after it was suspended for violation of Venezuela’s media law on January 23.

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Violent Protests Against Media Social Responsibility Measures Shake Merida, Venezuela

Police and protestors clash in Merida on Monday (Diario la Frontera)

On Monday, violent protests against the temporary suspension of cable channels that violated media social responsibility laws in Venezuela left one pro-government and one opposition student dead, more than twenty police injured, and parts of downtown Merida burnt and damaged, while peaceful protests occurred in other major cities.

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Venezuela Applies Media Social Responsibility Law to Cable Channels

Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Diosdado Cabello (YVKE)

On Thursday, Venezuela’s National Tele- communications Commission released a list of cable television companies that will be subject to the Law on Social Responsibility in Radio and Television.

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Venezuela Investigates Radio and Television Stations for Irresponsible Behavior

Alberto Ravell, the director of Globovision, a prominent opposition TV station that is under inspection (RCTV)
Venezuela's National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) began inspections of all radio and television stations in the country on Tuesday, two days after President Hugo Chávez vowed to put an end to the irresponsible behavior of one of the largest television stations, Globovision.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Denies Restraining Order Against RCTV and Globovision

The Venezuelan Supreme Court (ABN).
This week, Venezuela's Supreme Court (TSJ) denied a restraining order on two of the country's largest private television stations, Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) and Globovision. Also, the National Assembly urged the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) to discipline Globovision Director Alberto Ravell for attempting to incite panic in the population during an earthquake near Caracas on Monday.

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Inter-American Human Rights Court Says Venezuela Did Not Violate TV Station’s Free Speech

The headquarters of the Inter American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica. (Archive)
The Inter-American Court of Human Rights announced that the Venezuelan government did not violate the right to freedom of expression, equality before the law, or private property of two private television stations, Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV) and Globovisión.

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