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Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ Call for Dialogue In Venezuela Should Be Heeded, to Avoid Civil War

(Russia Today)

Economist Mark Weisbrot argues that talks between the national government and opposition must happen if Venezuela is to avoid a repeat of the civil wars that engulfed Central America in the 1980s.

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Pope Urges Peace in Venezuela as 6 More Die in Anti-Government Unrest

Pope Francis called for an end to civil strife in Venezuela from Saint Peter's Square on Sunday. (AFP)

Pope Francis called for a “peaceful and democratic solution” in Venezuela over the weekend as six more people died in anti-government unrest across the South American country. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Fractures over Pope-Sponsored Dialogue Initiative

MUD General Secretary Jesus Torrealaba, congressman Julio Borges, and other opposition politicians pose with Vatican envoy monsi

Top MUD leaders slammed the Pope’s overture, which they say they found out about on TV.

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Pope Francis Agrees to Mediate Dialogue in Venezuela

Pope Francis (Reuters).

Pope Francis has agreed to facilitate dialogue between the Bolivarian government and opposition.


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