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political participation

Venezuela Releases Regional Election Timetable, Provokes Opposition Ire

CNE head Tibisay Lucena confirmed Thursday that regional elections will take place on December 10. (AVN)

The Venezuelan government met a key demand of the opposition Thursday, setting an official timetable for regional elections.

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Comrades from Marea Socialista: Who is the enemy?


Has Marea Socialista put itself on the wrong side of the barricades?

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Venezuela’s Communist Party Hints at Break with PSUV

The PSUV, PPT and REDES say they are forming a "program of joint struggle". (Contrapunto)

The Communist Party of Venezuela says the PSUV’s electoral coalition, the GPP “doesn’t exist” anymore.

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Venezuelan Leftists Meet to Discuss Future Directions in Political Ideology and Eco-Socialism


Venezuelan leftists met in two conferences over the weekend as part of efforts to design the direction and strategy of the country’s Bolivarian revolution in the coming period.

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Venezuela Marches Against Fascism


The 40th Anniversary of the 1973 Chilean coup was commemorated in Caracas on 11 September with a march through the city. The coup ended the presidency of Salvador Allende; who today is widely viewed as one of the most important figures in the history of the Latin American left.

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Venezuelan Elections, Participation, and the Finger

 Merida governor Alexis Ramirez  (in white) campaigning in the barrio of Santa Anita last Sunday (Tamara Pearson / Venezuelanaly

The PSUV recently announced its candidates for the December elections, overriding a primaries process of selection that had been underway when Chavez died. From under confidence and vulnerability, to a disorganised grassroots and a strong-ish opposition, VA examines what is behind such a move.

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Venezuelan Executive’s “Street Government” Criss-Crosses Regions

A meeting between Environment Minister Dante Rivas and environmentalists with the tree planting mission in El Valle, Mérida, as

President Nicolas Maduro and his ministerial team have been criss-crossing Venezuela as part of the “Gobierno de Calle”, or “Street Government”, initiative. The latest stop was in the Andean state of Mérida.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Exhorts “Unity” at Mass Socialist Party Assembly

In an address to over 10,000 activists of the government’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro stressed that “unity” was necessary for the Bolivarian process to keep moving forward.

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A Valuable Venezuelan Revolutionary Experience

El barrio 23 de enero is a solid bulwark of the Bolivarian Revolution. Originally named December 2 to evoke the date when the dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez came to power, its humble neighbors decided in 1958 to rename it with another date; his overthrow.

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So-Called ‘Civil Society’ in Post-Chávez Venezuela

The Isaías Medina Angarita Communal Council (Luis Laya)

There is a powerfully dangerous and condescending myth circulating about so-called ‘civil society’ in Venezuela.

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