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opposition destabilisation

Venezuelan Opposition Accused of Attacking Indigenous Radio Station

The exterior of the Perijanera 95.1 community radio station in Machiques de Perija, Zulia, following an alleged opposition attac

Venezuela’s opposition protesters were accused Monday of attacking an indigenous meeting space and community radio station, as unrest continued in the South American country.

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85% of Venezuelans Oppose Joining Violent Protests: Poll

Around 100 people have died amid political unrest in Venezuela over the past three months. (AVN)

An overwhelming majority of Venezuelans say they are unwilling to join violent opposition protests, according to a new survey.

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Venezuelan Lawmaker Caught Demanding ‘Sovereign War’ after AN Clashes

Opposition legislator Juan Requesens speaking at the Florida International University. (Screen grab)

Footage surfaced Thursday of a Venezuelan opposition legislator calling for civil war and foreign intervention, following violence at the country’s parliament.

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The Specter of Fascism in Venezuela

Oscar Perez reads out a statement on a video circulated on Instagram the same day of the attack. (screen shot)

Is the recent violence in Venezuela a sign of fascism to come?

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Venezuela: "Terrorists" Torch 50 Tons of Food as ex-National Guard Chief Indicted

Around half the food in a government distribution centre was torched Thursday. (AVN)

Venezuelan authorities said Thursday more than 50 tons of food have been incinerated by anti-government groups, amid ongoing attacks on public infrastructure.


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Venezuela: Helicopter Attack as Opposition Steps up Campaign to Overthrow Maduro

Police official Oscar Perez is accused of attacking two government buildings from a helicopter on June 27. (Christian Veron/Reut

Things in Venezuela are changing by the day, sometimes by the hour.

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3 Die in Venezuelan Opposition Barricades

Venezuelan opposition groups have been accused of endangering civilians with barricades covering roads. (Reuters/ Carlos Barria)

Venezuelan authorities said Wednesday they were investigating two deaths possibly caused by opposition barricades.

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Protester, Soldier Killed as Venezuela Unrest Continues

At least 75 people have died amid ongoing protests in Venezuela. (AVN)

Two more people died Wednesday as protests continued to grip Venezuela, with the country’s wave of political unrest showing no signs of abating.

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Venezuelan Court Orders Mayors of Protest-Stricken Regions to Clear Roads

Protesters blocking a highway in Caracas, using fencing to create a barricade. (AVN)

Venezuela’s highest court ordered a group of municipal governments to ensure citizens can exercise their right to free movement, including by clearing critical thoroughfares of opposition barricades.

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Venezuelan Soldiers Arrested, 70 Businesses Looted in Miranda State

The remains of a barricade on a Miranda highway. (AVN)

Another Venezuelan police officer has died Friday after allegedly being shot by opposition protesters, while unrest continued in the states of Miranda and Aragua.

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