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UN Human Rights Body Makes an Outlandish Statement on Venezuela

Orlando Figuera is but one of the victims of protester violence. (@TarekWiliamSaab)

According to a United Nations statement that was widely reported by the media today, it is “unclear” if opposition rioters in Venezuela have killed a single person over the past four months.

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Venezuela: Constituent Assembly Starts Work, Opposition Stages Terror Attack


The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) — a body of 545 representatives of different localities, and social movements, labor groups, and indigenous communities which is now the highest legal power in Venezuela — was sworn in on August 4 at a ceremony attended by thousands of jubilant Chavistas who support the Bolivarian revolutionary government.


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Venezuelan Opposition Faces Internal Split

Vente Venezuela head Maria Machado has condemned the opposition for agreeing to run candidates in the December 10 regional elect

Venezuela’s opposition’s internal strife spilled over Thursday, when a prominent far right party announced plans to split over an election boycott.

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Venezuelan Court Sentences Mayor Over Street Barricades

El Hatillo's right-wing opposition mayor David Smolansky has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for failing to abide

Venezuela’s highest court ordered Wednesday the arrest of an opposition mayor accused of failing to stem political violence in his municipality.

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Venezuelan Opposition Divided on Regional Election Boycott

Venezuela's opposition remains divided over whether to participate in long awaited regional elections. (Archive)

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition failed Thursday to reach a consensus on whether to participate in upcoming regional elections.

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US Condemns Venezuela Opposition Leaders' Return to Jail, Hints at Regime Change

US President Donald Trump has called for the immediate release of jailed rightwing politicians Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezm

US President Donald Trump has released an official statement condemning the Maduro administration as a “dictatorship” for the first time, after right-wing politicians Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma were returned to prison Tuesday. Authorities say both men had violated the conditions of their house arrest.

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Venezuela Divided Over Opposition’s General Strike

Venezuela's opposition says millions of workers have joined their 24 hour general strike, though life continued as usual Th
Both sides of Venezuela’s political divide claimed victory Thursday, after an opposition strike threatened to paralyse the country.

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Venezuela: July 16 Opposition "Consultation" Countered by a Chavista Show of Strength


The real news of Sunday was the massive turnou for the official dry run of the Constituent Assembly elections, which was a show of strength for Chavismo.

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Venezuela Shocked by Graphic Footage of Alleged Mortar Killing

A photo that allegedly shows Hector Anuel burning after being hit by a mortar. The authenticity of the photo cannot be verified.

Venezuelan authorities said Tuesday they were investigating the death of a man allegedly killed by opposition protesters.

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Venezuelans Vote in Rival Symbolic Polls

Venezuelans vote in a mock ANC election in Caracas. (Prensa del Ministerio de Educación)

Venezuela’s government and opposition both claimed millions voted in rival symbolic elections Sunday, with at least one death being reported.

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