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Opposition holds Public Consultation to Reject the Upcoming ANC Elections

Photo:  Opposition members burning consultation registeries

Last Sunday the Democratic Unity Roundtable held an informal consultation to demonstrate their rejection of the upcoming National Constituent Assembly (ANC) elections to be held on the 30th of July.  This was organized parallel to the call by the National Electoral Council for an electoral drill for the same ANC elections.

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The Venezuelan Dilemma: Progressives and the "Plague on Both Your Houses" Position


Steve Ellner calls for critical left support of Chavismo, and rejects the “ni-ni” position.

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Opposition March on May Day, Ends in Violence

Opposition march on Mayday lacked participation of working class and ended in vi

The Venezuelan opposition's march to demand the removal of the national government was the focus of international media coverage this May Day. Nonetheless, the demonstration was marked by poor turn-out from working class sectors and marred by acts of violence. 

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Venezuelan President Maduro Calls for a Constituent Assembly

Venezuelans celebrate international workers' day 2017, just before Maduro made the surprise announcement. (AVN)

Jorge Martin discusses the Venezuelan president's recent decision to convene a constituent assembly in Venezuela.

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Venezuelan Opposition’s Baffling OAS Hypocrisy

Venezuela's opposition has decried the government's decision to leave the OAS as a coup, despite having pushed for the

VA's Ryan Mallett-Outtrim argues that the Venezuelan government's decision to withdraw from the OAS last week is a game of chicken gone wrong for the opposition, which has repeatedly lobbied for the country to be suspended since 2016.

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Media Myth Buster: "Government Repressión" of "Peaceful Protesters" in Venezuela

Media Myth Buster: "Government Repressión" of "Peaceful Protesters" in Venezuela

While mass media continually repeats comments about "government repression" of  supposedly "peaceful protesters" in Venezuela, there is a quite different reality to be seen from on the ground.  Watch this video to see just a few examples of the "peaceful protests" in Venezuela.

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Opposition Leader Lobbied Banks to Boycott Venezuelan Government, AP Reveals

Opposition leader Julio Borges (third from left) sent more than a dozen letters to international banks asking them to withhold f

The Associated Press has revealed that the current acting president of the National Assembly, Julio Borges, has sent more than a dozen letters to international banks urging them to boycott the national government.

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Opposition Protests in Venezuela Lead to Six Deaths

VA's Lucas Koerner. (screenshot)

VA's Lucas Koerner talks to the Real News about the ongoing opposition-led violent protests in Venezuela.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Calls for Regional and Municipal Elections

President Maduro called for regional and local elections on Sunday. (@PRESIDENCIALVEN)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro placed a call Sunday for the National Electoral Council (CNE) to set a date for regional and municipal elections due this year.

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Father of Slain Venezuelan Youth Rejects Use of Son’s Image in Opposition Protests

Jairo Ortiz Sr. rejects use of his son’s persona to promote anti-government violence (@VTVCANAL8)

The father of a 19-year-old killed by Venezuelan police Thursday has spoken out against the use of the youth’s image in violent anti-government protests that have racked the South American country over the past ten days.


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