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Noam Chomsky

Invite Chomsky but Take His Warning Seriously

Noam Chomsky (Reuters)

VA presents a response to recent comments by Noam Chomsky in which the Venezuelan activist Clodovaldo Hernandez takes linguists’ warnings about corruption seriously, and calls for a deepening of the revolutionary process in lieu of abandoning it to defeat.

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Hugo Chavez's Death and Legacy

Noam Chomsky and Hugo Chavez meeting in Caracas in 2009 (ABN)

Noam Chomsky discusses the life and legacy of Hugo Chavez.

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Revolutionary Vignettes. Part 3: Chirino and Chomsky, Ultraleft and Bourgeois Critics of the Bolivarian Revolution

While I was in Venezuela a number of comrades asked me about some manifesto against “Chavez's attacks on trade union rights” and also about the controversy over a letter Noam Chomsky had signed which the bourgeois media had used in their campaign in defence of “human rights” in Venezuela.

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Chomsky: Good Intentions, but Wrong on Facts in Case of Judge Afiuni

Academic life in the United States can be very agreeable. The life of a professional scholar normally implies good pay, not overly strenuous hours and job security. Do your job, don’t make too many waves and enjoy the ride into a solid upper-middle class retirement. Perhaps it’s the fear of threatening this comfortable existence that has kept so many intellectuals over the years in the US from taking up causes of social justice... A glaring exception to this trend, of course, has been the MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky.

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Rory Rory Jackanory: The Guardian's Latest Chomsky Smear

Surely, for the sake of the Guardian's credibility, now is the time to relieve Rory Carroll, the Guardian's South America editor, of his duties and let him do what he does best; composing 'advertisement features' for the tourist board of the country with the worst human rights record in the hemisphere.

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Chomsky Says UK Guardian Article "Quite Deceptive" about his Chavez Criticism

There was no missing the glee with which Rory Carroll reported in the UK Guardian that "speaking to the Observer last week, Chomsky has accused the socialist leader [Hugo Chavez] of amassing too much power and of making an 'assault' on Venezuela's democracy."

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Noam Chomsky Meets with Chavez in Venezuela

Professor Noam Chomsky (at left) and President Hugo Chavez in Caracas on Monday (ABN)
U.S. author, dissident intellectual, and Professor of Linguistics at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology Noam Chomsky met for the first time with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Caracas and analyzed hemispheric politics during a nationally televised forum on Monday.

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