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Support for Venezuela at Sandinista Celebrations in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo and her husband President Daniel Ortega host the 38th Sandinista Revolution celebratio

Regional leaders back Caracas and criticize threatened U.S. sanctions.

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Hugo Chavez College Program Launched by Nicaragua's Sandinistas

Hugo Chavez Plaza in Managua, Nicaragua honoring the late Venezuelan leader. (United Socialist Party of Venezuela).
Socialism, Bolivarianism, liberation theology, Afro-Indigenous history, and anti-colonial history are among the many topics that will be studied.

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Chavez: Ortega’s Re-election is a Triumph for ALBA [video]

Daniel Ortega, (far left) with Chávez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ortega was sworn in as Nicaraguan president fo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declared this week that Daniel Ortega’s re-election as Nicaraguan president is a “triumph” for ALBA (the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas), while announcing plans to develop the regional anti-neoliberal integration bloc in the coming year. 

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Chavez: Venezuela Celebrates Daniel Ortega Overwhelming Victory

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez congratulated  the Nicaraguan people on Monday for the peaceful climate that marked the presidential elections  on Sunday, which show Daniel Ortega heading for reelection.

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Venezuela and Nicaragua Progress on Food Security, Refinery, and Public Health

Daniel Ortega, left, and Hugo Chavez (Zurimar Campos, ABN)

Venezuelan and Nicaraguan officials met in Managua on Wednesday to deepen bilateral economic ties with the goal of fostering import substitution, promoting Latin American integration, and creating an economic alternative to U.S.-dominated free trade agreements.

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