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Natural Gas

Venezuela’s PDVSA to Boost Gas Distribution

Venezuela has the world's eighth largest proven gas reserves. (AVN)

Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA announced Thursday plans to partner with private company Gavenplast to boost domestic gas production and distribution.

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Bolivarian Government Meets People's Needs through PDVSA's 'Gas Comunal' Program

Workers at PDVSA's 'Gas Comunal' program take newly produced at-home gas tanks directly to the People's home

Through the PDVSA 'Gas Comunal' (or Communal Gas) program, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela is providing low-income people with the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) they need for cooking at home. Here are a few images of the production and distribution process by which PDVSA Gas Comunal makes the at-home gas tanks and provides them to the Venezuelan People. 

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Venezuelan Private Gas Company Workers Demand Nationalization

Workers from various private domestic gas companies (Aporrea)

Private domestic gas company workers are demanding that their companies be nationalized and converted to worker and community control, alternative Venezuelan website Aporrea reported on Tuesday.

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Trinidad and Venezuela Sign Border Gas Field Deal

Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela signed a long-awaited agreement in Caracas on Monday to develop natural gas reserves on their maritime border.

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Venezuela Certifies Natural Gas Reserve, Discovers Coltan Reserve

President Hugo Chavez in a meeting with his Council of Ministers (ABN)
Venezuela certified its largest reserve of natural gas this week and announced the discovery of new deposits of coltan, a key mineral for electronics manufacturing.

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