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US National Security Advisor: Quick, Peaceful Solution Needed in Venezuela

US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster met with opposition leader Julio Borges last Saturday. (NPR)

The US official released the statement after meeting with opposition leader Julio Borges in Washington. 


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Venezuela Reaffirms Support for Syria Against Foreign Intervention


Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry released an official statement Tuesday congratulating the Syrian government on its recent military triumphs over armed groups attempting to destabilize the Arab Republic. 

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Venezuela Expresses Concern Over Colombia-NATO Cooperation

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (EFE).

Venezuela released an official statement Monday expressing concerns for regional peace after Colombia and NATO agreed to expand upon an agreement against organized crime.


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Colombia Signs Cooperation Memorandum with NATO

Colombian defence minister Juan Pinzon (EFE)

Yesterday representatives of Colombia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) signed an agreement for cooperation and exchange of classified information, “good practice” in the “anti-terrorist” struggle, and against drug trafficking.

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Venezuelan Government Rejects Colombia’s Efforts to Join NATO

Santos said at the military ceremony that the Colombian government would sign an agreement of cooperation with NATO (SIG)

After Colombian president Juan Santos announced on the weekend that his government intended to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Venezuelan and other Latin American governments responded with concern for the region’s peace.

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