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National Constituent Assembly 2017

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly Assumes Parliamentary Powers


Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC) approved Friday a decree that will allow it to legislate on national security issues.

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Venezuela’s ANC to Approve New Hate Crime Legislation


Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC) was set Friday to approve new anti-hate crime laws, after endorsing a series of law and order proposals the previous day.

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Venezuela’s ANC Orders End to Military Trials for Protesters

Protesters burning barricades during political unrest in 2014. (Reuters)

Venezuela will end the use of military trials for anti-government protesters, the country’s national constituent assembly (ANC) said Tuesday.

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Trump Versus the Venezuelan Revolution

Anti-imperialist march in Caracas on August 14. (AVN)

International leftists must support Venezuelan revolutionaries' efforts to radicalize the Bolivarian process via the National Constituent Assembly, argues Shamus Cooke. 

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Venezuela Brings Forward Regional Elections as Pence Vows More Intervention

US Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Colombia. (AP)

Washington threatened further actions against Venezuela Tuesday as the country’s National Constituent Assembly brought forward gubernatorial elections to October. 

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Venezuela’s Maduro Calls for 25 Year Prison Terms for Political Killings, Violent Protesters

More than 100 people have died in Venezuela's latest unrest. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called Thursday for tougher penalties on political violence, including 25 year prison terms for offenders.

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Venezuela: Constituent Assembly Starts Work, Opposition Stages Terror Attack


The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) — a body of 545 representatives of different localities, and social movements, labor groups, and indigenous communities which is now the highest legal power in Venezuela — was sworn in on August 4 at a ceremony attended by thousands of jubilant Chavistas who support the Bolivarian revolutionary government.


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Venezuela’s ANC Calls for Economic Diversification

ANC head Delcy Rodriguez addresses a joint meeting with a the National Council of the Productive Economy. (@DrodriguezVen)

Venezuela’s national constituent assembly called Wednesday for an end to the country’s dependence on oil, and a diversification of the economy.

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ANC Takes Actions for 'Truth, Justice and Peace'

The ANC held its third session on Wednesday. (Gregorio Teran/AVN)

The National Constituent Assembly says it has taken steps towards tackling impunity and improving human rights, after holding a series of key meetings in recent days.

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ALBA Expresses Support for Venezuela as Neighbours Declare ‘Dictatorship’

Members of ALBA countries reiterate their support for the Venezuelan government. (Cancilleria Venezuela)

Venezuela’s internal crisis continued to divide Latin America Tuesday, with rival regional groups issuing statements both in support and against President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

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