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National Assembly elections 2015

Venezuelan Leftist Movements Criticise CNE Registration Process

The Communist party has said it will refuse to take part in the registration process. (TribunaPopular)

The parties condemned the process as a veiled attempt to clamp down on small political organisations. 


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Venezuela Slams “Vile” Clinton Ad Comparing Trump to Chávez

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez speaking during a press conference in Caracas on September 20, 2016. (Archive)

Venezuela's foreign minister blasted the commercial as “abhorrent and inexcusable", as well as evidencing the "corroded" state of US democracy. 

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Chavismo and Its Discontents: International Left Intellectuals Respond to Venezuelan Government’s Legislative Election Setback

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Prominent Latin America solidarity activists Roger Harris and Chuck Kaufman critique the recent wave of attacks by US leftist intellectuals against the Bolivarian Revolution in the wake of last month's landslide defeat in parliamentary elections, arguing that anti-imperialist solidarity is more necessary than ever. 

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Chavismo, Historic Crisis and End of a Cycle: Rethinking Ourselves Territorially

A mural of Hugo Chávez in Mérida. (David Hernández)

Sociologist Emiliano Teran Mantovani analyses the current political conjuncture in Venezuela and argues that conditions are apt for a "new cycle" of popular struggles. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Accepts Supreme Court Ruling, Introduces Law Privatizing Housing Mission

Venezuela's National Assembly. (Archive)

Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly agreed Tuesday to recognize a Supreme Court (TSJ) ruling temporarily suspending four representatives from Amazonas state pending investigation into alleged electoral irregularities. Opposition legislators also introduced a law to privatize the country's Great Venezuelan Housing Mission. 


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Legislators Present New Evidence of Irregularities in Venezuela’s National Assembly Elections

PSUV lawmaker, Hector Rodriguez, revealed the videos on Tuesday morning (AVN)

During a press conference this morning, socialist legislator Hector Rodriguez presented a series of videos and audio recordings as evidence in an ongoing Supreme Court case that has cast doubt on the validity of the Dec 6th election results.

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Lessons We Can Learn from the Electoral Setback in Venezuela

Anti-imperialist mural in Caracas.

Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee activist Stan Smith reflects on the Bolivarian Revolution in the wake of December 6th parliamentary elections, which he observed firsthand as part of a delegation organized by Task Force on the Americas and School of the Americas Watch. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Swears in Suspended Deputies to Parliament

The opposition's decision to swear in three suspended legislators this Wednesday violates a decision made by the Supreme Co

Three members of the right-wing MUD coalition and one from the socialist PSUV alliance from the state of Amazonas were suspended after a Supreme Court decision.

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President Maduro Signs Several Laws Before Decree Powers Expire

Maduro signed the laws just days before the decree powers granted to him by the National Assembly early in 2015 were set to expi

The new laws include increased tax for big business, as well as the creation of mixed government-private sector businsses in gold mining. The president also decreed protection for workers' until 2018.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Suspends Swearing in of 4 Incoming Legislators

The Venezuelan Supreme Court’s ruling temporarily scuppers the opposition’s legislative powers within the National Assembly

Venezuela’s Supreme Court officially suspended the swearing in of four incoming legislators on Tuesday pending investigations of voting irregularities in Amazonas state. 

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