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mission sucre

Venezuela’s Bolivarian University Opens New Campus

UBV graduates (YVKE)

A new campus of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) has been inaugurated in Venezuela's Falcon state. The UBV offers free degree courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

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Venezuela’s University Education Mission Reaches Ten Years, 695,000 Students

Mission Sucre has provided many people with the opportunity to study at a university level (Prensa MPPEU)

Venezuela’s Mission Sucre has reached ten years of providing higher education to over 695,000 people, 379,000 of whom have already graduated.

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Venezuela Continues to Expand Free Public Higher Education Programs

President Chavez during Nursing School graduation ceremony (PP)

Venezuela’s Mission Sucre, a scholarship program for attending public universities, which was created in 2003 to increase access to higher education, will graduate 9,315 students this June, and currently has 555,172 enrolled in courses, President Hugo Chavez announced during a Nursing School graduation ceremony this week.

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