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People’s Summit Backs Venezuela, Slams Mercosur

Mercosur leaders are meeting this week in Argentina for the bloc's latest summit. (Telam)

Social movements from across South America condemned Thursday Merocsur’s suspension of Venezuela, amid speculation the regional bloc could take further action against Caracas.

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International Community Responds to Venezuela’s Political Unrest

 Member states of the ALBA reject attempts to intervene in Venezuelan politics. (Twitter/EvoMoralesAyma)

The ALBA has rejected “attacks” against Venezuela, while Argentine President Mauricio Macri said his government would look to suspend the country from MERCOSUR. 


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MERCOSUR Moves to Slap Venezuela with Democratic Clause

Argentines protest emergency MERCOSUR meeting outside Venezuelan embassy in Buenos Aires. Banner reads, “No to the coup Venezu

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blasted the trade bloc’s silence regarding the killing of a protester in Paraguay and 90 percent disapproval of Brazilian “coup government”.

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MERCOSUR Parliament Rejects Suspension of Venezuela

PARLASUR rejected the suspension of Venezuela from the regional bloc. (Archive)

The legislative organ of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) unanimously approved a resolution Monday rejecting Venezuela’s suspension from the regional trading bloc.

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Venezuelan FM Attacked by Argentine Police Outside MERCOSUR Meeting

Venezuelan FM Delcy Rodriguez is obstructed by Argentinian police (Pagina12).

Rodriguez says she was “thrown to ground” by riot police who sought to physically prevent her from attending the foreign ministers' conference. 

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A Not So Soft Coup in MERCOSUR: Suicide for Integration

Venezuela faces significant challenges to defend its MERCOSUR membership from opposing states Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay (Re

Latin American integration analyst Rubén Armendáriz explores the regional implications of recent attempts to suspend Venezuela from MERCOSUR. 

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Venezuela Invokes MERCOSUR Protocol to Mediate Conflict

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez (center) has said right-wing governments in the region were trying to stage a coup i

Venezuela began the process to implement the Olivos Protocol Monday after MERCOSUR's founding nations suspended it last week for allegedly failing to implement internal agreements.

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Mercosur Suspends Venezuela

Venezuela has been a member of Mercosur since 2012. (Prensa Seniat)

South American trade bloc Mercosur has agreed to suspend Venezuela, officials reportedly said Thursday.

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MERCOSUR Threatens Venezuela with Suspension


Member states Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay have accused Venezuela of failing to implement 300 MERCOSUR regulations.


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MERCOSUR Blocks Venezuela from Taking Over Presidency

Venezuela entered MERCOSUR as a full member in 2012. (Archive)

The regional bloc announced that would assume the presidency for the remaining 6 month term.

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