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Workers' Mercal Launched Throughout Venezuela

Workers' Mercal, a program that will benefit 23,000 workers in 32 public institutions, was launched throughout Venezuela last Wednesday.

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Chavez Increases Subsidized Food Budget by 41 Percent

The Venezuelan government's subsidized food program is going to expand significantly in the next year. Government officials plan on putting these markets in the new housing projects that the government is currently building.

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Venezuelan Government’s Mission Mercal Celebrates 9th Anniversary

The Venezuelan Government’s food security program Mission Mercal saw its 9 year anniversary last Sunday (MPPA).

Venezuela’s Food Minister Carlos Osorio highlighted last Sunday the role that the revolutionary government of President Hugo Chavez has played in ensuring food security to the nation by providing more than 10 million tons of important staples for the economically disadvantaged.

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Demystifying Venezuela’s Inflation: The Opposition’s Red Herring

An open air, or roving Mercal, with state produced products in the foreground (Mercal).

In local opposition and international mass media inflation is the buzzword, and because of it, Venezuela is clearly a mess, life is hopeless, and the government has got to go. Yet is inflation really the big evil it’s made out to be? How much does it impact on the lives of Venezuelans? How much worse is it, really, under Chavez, and what is the government trying to do about it and the food situation?

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New Program Supplies Venezuelans with Affordable Household Appliances

A Mercal Hogar oven (RNV)

The Venezuelan government launched the program “My well equipped house” last night. In the first instalment, government stores, such as Mercal and Bicentenario, will distribute 116,000 household appliances.

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Venezuelan Government Increases Control of Food Production to Guarantee Access

President Chavez grants a low-interest loan to a small
business owner on Wednesday (Prensa Presidencial)
To guarantee access to essential foods amidst price inflation and supply shortages in some items, the Venezuelan government recently nationalized a major flour producer, granted low-interest credits to small and medium-sized producers, opened new subsidized food markets, sanctioned price speculators and hoarders, and is in the process of reforming the Land Law.

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Venezuela’s Chavez Announces Expansion of Government Subsidised Food System

President Chavez  in Zulia

In a nationally televised address Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced a massive expansion of the government’s subsidised food system, Mercal, on Thursday. He also argued that it is necessary to establish a socialist system of distribution and consumption of products, to replace the capitalist market.

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Venezuela Re-Stocks Subsidized Food Markets Amid Continued Inflation

The Venezuelan government announced a plan this week to purchase 4.8 million bolivars (U.S. $2.2 million) worth of basic foods to be sold over the next ten months in its state-run subsidized food market chain, Mercal.

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Venezuela: Government and communities organize to ensure food distribution

PDVAL food distribution point
Over the course of last week, the Venezuelan government's subsidized food system, Mercal, along with the new PDVAL markets run by the state oil company PDVSA, distributed 3,300 tons of basic foods through special operations involving community participation.

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Venezuelan Government’s Strategies for Confronting Food Supply Shortages

Many analysts concur that the increase in government spending from 19% to 30% of the GDP during President Hugo Chávez's presidential term made the consumption capacity of Venezuelans grow faster than the supply of goods and services.

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