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The Corporate Media's Forgotten March: Chavismo Mobilizes on IWD 2017

Working class Chavismo marched en Caracas on Mayday in support of Maduro

On International Workers' Day, hundreds of thousands of workers flooded into the Avenida Bolivar of Venezuela's capital to celebrate the advances of workers' rights under the Bolivarian Revolution, as well as in support of Venezuela's first worker-president, Nicolas Maduro, against mounting attacks from the domestic opposition. 

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Venezuelans Celebrate Day of Indigenous Resistance


Thousands took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital on October 12 to commemorate the Day of Indgenous Resistance as well as manifest their support for the Maduro government in the face of imperialist threats. 


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Bolivarians and Opposition Mobilize in Venezuela

Indigenous nations participated in Wednesday's mobilization in Caracas (@PresidencialVen).

As the opposition mobilizes for a recall referendum, Chavistas rallied in Caracas against imperialism as well as to commemorate African and Indigenous resistance.

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Mainstream Media Ignores Venezuelan Pro-Government Supporters

Venezuelans in support of the Bolivarian Process also marched on September 1st in Caracas (El Nacional/@LuisMarcano).

On Thursday thousands of pro-government supporters staged a counter-rally to defend President Nicolas Maduro after the right-wing opposition called for a "taking of Caracas" to demand the ousting of Maduro government. However, you would never know that if you rely on Western mainstream media outlets.


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Chavista and Opposition Marches Converge Peacefully in Caracas

Social movements, community councils and other organized sectors of Venezuelan society accompanied President Maduro on Av. Boliv

State operated media as well as conservative news outlets reported fairly peaceful marches across the South American nation. The government is looking into several cases of violent outbursts purportedly catalized by the opposition.   


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Venezuela Commemorates Uprising with March against Economic War

A supporter of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro holds up a picture of late president Hugo Chavez (PHOTO: Reuters)

Venezuelan leftists and government supporters will march in Caracas this Jan. 23, a symbolic date for Venezuelan democracy, a municipal mayor of the city has announced.

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Venezuelans Protest Big Business for their Role in the Economic War

Cory Fischer-Hoffman/Venezuelanalysis

Amidst the ongoing “economic war” in Venezuela, 200 people from various political collectives marched to Fedecamaras headquarters to place a spotlight on how the largest business confederation may be contributing to scarcity, inflation and speculation in Venezuela. 

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"Misiones" on a Mission

(Jody McIntyre)

British activist and journalist, Jody McIntyre, shares his impressions of a mass march held in favour of the government's social missions last Saturday in Caracas.


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Great Patriotic Pole March in Caracas

(Rachael Boothroyd/Venezuelanalysis)

Thousands of revolutionary social movements marched in Caracas on Sunday in order to consolidate the formation of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) – a broad front which comprises all of the popular organisations and political parties that support the advance of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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Venezuelans Commemorate "Democracy Day" on 23 January


Masses of Venezuelans marched on Sunday to commemorate 23 January 1958 when a civic-military rebellion brought an end to the dictatorship of general Marcos Perez Jimenez. They marched from five main points towards the centre of Caracas, where President Chavez addressed the crowd. 

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