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Protesting Against Consumerism in Venezuela

Protest in Merida against consumerism. Placards (from left to right) “fight against speculation”, “0-800 Consciousness”

As the Venezuelan government continues to crack down on hoarding and speculation, this week a small protest against consumerism took place in Merida. In many parts of the country there have been large lines outside stores forced to lower prices and supermarkets where scarce goods appear, while nationwide the consumer protection body Indepabis is regularly inspecting businesses for price infractions.

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Venezuelan Price Enforcer Busts Businesses for “Unjustifiable” Price Hikes

President of Indepabis, Eduardo Saman (AVN)

Head of the Institute for the Defense of People's Access to Goods and Services (Indepabis) Eduardo Saman has reiterated calls for businesses to abide by price regulations and refrain from misleading customers, after penalties were imposed on a number of businesses this month.

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Venezuela’s Price Control Enforcer to Speculators: “The Fun is Over”

Eduardo Samán, the new Indepabis president (Archive)

The president of the consumer protection agency that enforces government price controls, Eduardo Saman, has announced a tough new approach against price speculators, declaring, “Their fun is over”.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Strikes against Corruption, Appoints Radical Former Minister

The head of control and inspection at Indepabis, Trino Martínez

The Venezuelan government has exposed an alleged extortion ring operating within the state agency which regulates price controls.

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We’re Not Going to Allow Shortages or Messing with Prices

Indepabis president Consuelo Cerrada (archive)

The Venezuelan government continues its fight against price speculation, hoarding and sporadic shortages of certain products. translates this interview with the president of Indepabis, the government’s consumer protection body charged with inspecting businesses and ensuring that companies abide by laws on price controls and other measures to guarantee the population’s access to goods and services.

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INDEPABIS Closes Nightclubs in Caracas, Venezuela for Discrimination

INDEPABIS employees are investigating nightclubs in Caracas which engage in discriminatory practices (

In the early morning hours this Sunday, the Institute for the Defence of People and their Access to Goods and Services, (INDEPABIS) began the day by putting the brakes on discriminatory dealings related to race and physical appearance that are being carried out by some nightclubs.

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Venezuelan Government Involves Communal Councils in Combating Food Hoarding

Indepabis workers during an operation in Caracas to identify which shops aren’t complying with the regulated prices (YVKE).

Indepabis, the government Institute for the Defence of People’s Access to Goods and Services, is issuing fines, promoting a free denunciation phone number, and calling for greater communal council involvement in order to combat current scarcities being experienced in Venezuela.

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Venezuela Reforms Consumer Protection Law to Combat Price Increases

Logo of the National Institute for the Defense of People's Access to Goods and Services

To curb price increases by businesses following a recent adjustment in the official exchange rate, the Venezuelan National Assembly passed a law reform on Thursday that will make it easier for the state to take custody of the provision of goods and services that are considered vital to the public welfare.

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