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human rights violations

Venezuelan Authorities Uncover 14 Bodies in Penitentiary Mass Grave

Venezuelan authorities uncovered 14 cadavers in the prison facility. (@madeleintlSUR)

Venezuelan authorities excavated at least fourteen cadavers over the weekend from a mass grave in the General Penitentiary of Venezuela in Guarico state.

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Bodies of 18 Missing Miners Found in Mass Grave in Venezuela

“Justice for our loved ones. We have hope.” (AP)

Venezuelan authorities found 18 bodies in a mine near the town of Tumeremo in Bolivar state on Monday, whom they identified as part of the 28 miners declared missing since March 4.

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From Violent Barricades in 2014 to Official Right-Wing: Venezuela's Opposition

The effects of the barricades in 2014 (Aporrea).

From the 2014 violence to legislative majority, Venezuela's right-wing may change its face, but not its goal.

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Lilian Tintori Criticises Venezuelan Human Rights Record in Mexican Senate

Lilian Tintori in the Mexican senate (El Universal)

Lilian Tintori, the wife of jailed rightwing political leader Leopoldo Lopez shot to the centre of a diplomatic foray this week, after publicly slandering the Venezuelan government’s human rights record in Mexico. 

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